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  1. We have a couple of pairs together which are the same... if they are sexy I have to get her a pair too, or she gets upset with me!!!
  2. eclextix


    Been there, and tossed away many... Oh, I have fond memories though!
  3. Love the mary janes!!! Nice pics... thanks for sharing...
  4. At first I started out in fairly safe places like shoe stores... I'd wear my flip flops in and spend an hour trying on different shoes. You will always draw attention, because a guy sitting down on the womens section to try them always does. I always found it best to go to a "self-serve" type shoe store first, then move on the department stores where you have to ask for sizes. However, the department stores always spark the greatest converstions, and the staff usually jumps in and points me to some great finds, especially since I wear a size 11 and they are a bit rare at times. I also like wearing heels to great safe places like hip hair salons to get my hair cut. The girls always go gaga over a man in heels... I think they as just more open minded, for some reason. I trully have had never had a really negative experience, just some funny looks!
  5. Picked these fun wedges up at DSW. They are from the Two Lips brand... glad you enjoyed...
  6. You should always wear open toe shoes! You have great feet and lovely nails... Keep up the great heeling!
  7. Oh it's so time to spring into summer... Let's see all those great sandals out heeling the streets this year... My new yummy purchase from DSW... Hope you all are enjoying the summer!!!
  8. I all about the spring sandals. The gladiator style is back in the summer and i have purchased a fab pair of Jessica Simpsons to kick the spring off. Love them..
  9. Me and my fiance go every two weeks to get our nails done, and always get matching colors... They are french right now, but run the gamit from red to dark purple. She loves the fact we get pedicures together!
  10. Just love these shoes... Wore them heeling to the post office in a very risque outfit. Not sure if those photos would be presentable in this forum as they show my whole tush.. legs.bmp
  11. Who has regular "out and about" places they wear their heels? I commonly go to the local tanning salon in my heels, and have a blast chatting with the girls at the counter about them. I even wear some short shorts and sandals in there at times too.
  12. I'm going to have to check out the Goor style because of th popularity in this post... Thank! Have fun strutting those heels during your chores!
  13. I own a great pair of 4" red croc textured leather pumps and wear them often with a very nice dark pair of boot cut jeans. They look great, but warning red heels always turn heads.
  14. Great to hear! I'm glad to see someone getting out with thier wife. Kudos to her for being accepting of the idea. Just don't embarass her, as she sounds like a great lady. What does your daughter think of the whole Dad in heels issue? Have fun! -Eclextix
  15. Boys!!! Heels or no heels get the door lady at all times even if it might be awkward. Please don't "drop" the door on the gentelman coming in behind you either. Common courtesy!
  16. Hi Everyone, I'm super excited to have found this site. I'm so glad to find you all here disscussing such a great subject as shoes and especially heels. I'm a 36 year old gentleman from the state of Georgia (USA), and live in the city of Atlanta. I'm a total shoe lover and can't wait to share my experiences, and learn from you all about one of my favorite pastimes shoes! See you all inside... -Eclextix:wave:
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