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  1. aaww i live in the wrong state been a wile since i been on here lol heels are me i want your mary janes they are AWSOME XD
  2. hey heelguy, been a wile i kno WOW I WANT YOUR NEW HEELS i was lookin at a pair similar on styletread, altho they dont have much in my size i just went for a midnight walk before at the park up the road gotta love the sound of your heels clicking on a path
  3. hey heelguy looks like things have been going really well for you and congrats on telling your dad, thats a huge thing. I dont seem to come on here much now days (seem to be to busy with work and friends) but every time I come on I always seem to find my self reading your stories. your a huge insperation to guys who are shy about heels, I wouldnt have even had a go at wearing heels in public if it wasnt for you oh and if you dont mind me askin u said u had a pic of you car on your wall with your gf, so im asuming ur into your car, and also having 1 point on your licence says it what do you drive?? Im a bit of a rev head myself and I've had a few modded cars. I love turboed imports and at the moment im driving an R33 nissan skyline, and I find it funny as I keep my heels in the boot of my car. and at times I think if only the people looking at my car knew I had a boot full of heels oh and i must admit here in brisbane at some of the car meets ive been to at night I've seen some awsome looking girls in the sexiest heels
  4. those boots look awsome and yes i always have a 2nd look when i see boots I have a thing for wedges and platform pumps at the moment. i really want to get a pair
  5. Hey guys, its been a wile since I've been on here and since I've worn heels ive recently moved house, so im living closer to work. Anyway, after giving a friend of mine a lift home tonight I dug my heels out of the boot of my car and went to find a place to go for a wander. I pulled up on the side of the road just after leaving my mates house and got my 6 inch platform boots out. now i would have looked a little odd, i was wearing my boots with a pair of board shorts and a random T shirt. I had been at a mates place working on cars so I wasnt gonna wear good clothes. so i ended up going for a drive after puttin my boots on and found a quiet park to go for a wander in. and i can say it felt amazing to be in heels again, the feeling of my calf muscles working as i walked and the clicking of my heels on the foot path I even wandered past a play ground and went in for a bit of fun haha, climbed the jungle gym and a big rope ladder thing in my 6 inch plats oh and i found the soft spongy stuff they have in play grounds that stops kids hurting them selfves when they fall on it, really interesting to walk on anyways it was a fun outing (sorry if some of you guys dont understand me, a lot of my typing is habbit im sure the more i post on here the more understandable ill become) oh and on another note, i was talking to my mum the other day and as it turns out my sister has gotten into pole dancing and she has got her self some new heels, after i saw the pics of her new patent black platform boots i was pretty jelouce they looked so awsome ill have to get a pic up of them
  6. hey guys, sorry its been a lil wile since ive been able to get back on here the past week has been so full on its crazy.. I was living with my mate and his fiancee and i had a disagreement with his fiancee. shes a very rude and self centered person and ive been puttin up with her attitude for months, so i packed up and left tellin my mate id rather be homless than live with them. but anyways im living with a friend closer to work and for less rent and now the bet lol i think my friend has forgotten but i will be reminding her lol, I just have to bring it up again
  7. wow haha this is the most replys Ive ever had in a thread before sorry guy if you cant understand me very well its a habbit i have as i text a lot. guess im lucky my job dosnt require me to be a perfect speller etc
  8. woot i finally have net again been ages with out it lol i was driving thro the city the other day with a good female friend of mine. anyways i was perving on all the girls in awsome heels as i do and she sprung me (not hard to do lol) and we got talking about how i liked girls in heels and she says she hates to wear heels coz there hard to walk in, and i said "they cant be to hard to walk in so many girls seem to do it really well" anyways she ended up saying "im gonna get you a pair of heels and u can prove me wrong" i laughed it off and was like kk ill do it now coz shes broke she was like your paying for them but im all cool with that i jus hope she picks out a pair ive been eying off lol now i kno this is bad and i should probly tell her im scamming her coz i can walk in 6 inch heels with no problems, but i have been keen on getting a new pair of heels and i thought this is an excuse lol
  9. beaztheelz* it felt amazing XD the best feeling was being out side in them and walking concrete and the road, i dont kno y but heels make walking up hill fun id like to hear my heels on the polish floor in a shopping center
  10. oh and if theres anyone on here whos from brisbane/gold coast you should pm me on here or somthing would be nice to kno some more people up here
  11. Hey guys, ive just made it home after a bit of a road trip down south to see the family. Anyways i took my pleaser mary janes and my pleaser platform boots with me, planing to stop some where along the way and go for a bit of a wander. on the drive down i didnt end up stopping. but for the drive home i stoped at a couple of rest stops to have a streach and a walk around etc. The 1st stop i pulled up at had 1 car paked at it, so i parked at the oposite end of the car park and sliped my mary janes on (these have a chunkier 5 inch heel and 1 inch platform) and i wandered down to the toilet and re-aragned the boot of my car, coz i had stuff touching the sub and was making it sound funny but pretty much an uneventful stop and gave me a lil confidence. but it felt amazing to wear my heels out in public the next stop i scored there was no one parked there but it was right on the highway so i could watch the traffic drive past, and for this stop i put on my pleaser platform boots (6 inch heels 2 inch platform) and i had them hidden under a pair of loose fit jeans, anyways after i got my boots on in the car i took all my garbage from the car to the bin and the usual toilet break and walked over to the picnic area where i sat watching the traffic go past and playing with my heels, wile keeping an eye on my car (about 200 meters or so away). after about 20 mins or so i deceded id make a move and head off and got up to head back to the car, AND ANOTHER CAR PULLED UP AND PARKED RIGHT BEHIND MY CAR right as i was walking towards my car and a guy got out of it. i wanted to run to my car and try to hide my heels lol. but i forced my self to walk as casuly as i could like wearing heels was a normal thing. anyways he gave me a bit of a funny look as i jumped into my car, as he was right behind my car he could see my heels, and i took off and i drove for the next 2 hours in my boots my heart was pounding but it felt amazing to get out in heels and i loved every minute of it now i did decide it would be a good idea to take my boots off before i got home so i pulled up at a random service station, and rolled my pants up to get my boots off. then sliped my long pants off as i had board shorts on under them. i felt like a bit of a werido as the people in the car next to me were lookin as me as i tossed my boots and pants in the passenger seat lol and to end my road trip for the day me and my room mates (they dont kno about my obsession for heels) went into the city for dinner and omg so many nice looking girls were out tonight and they a lot of them had AWSOME heels on. im loving the wedge fashon atm platform wedges look awsome and i did see one girl wearing a pair of purple nike high heel sneakers THEY WERE HOT XD very similar to these http://www.google.com.au/imgres?q=high+heel+sneakers+nike&hl=en&gbv=2&tbm=isch&tbnid=_BcwvNSH8m7rQM:&imgrefurl=http://thegrid.soup.io/tag/nike&docid=j1bYMuIfR_XzjM&w=540&h=405&ei=kl1rTsyZO6WviQeo_uDtBA&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=1002&vpy=381&dur=353&hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=108&ty=87&page=2&tbnh=120&tbnw=163&start=27&ndsp=29&ved=1t:429,r:5,s:27&biw=1440&bih=719 i also spotted a lot of rather high platform pumps to i think i need to get some more heels lol ive been thinkin about going to a shop for a wile now to buy heels rather than buy online. i just havnt been able to work up the courage to go
  12. omg i love your lepord print heels a friend of mine has a pair jus like them and she jsu got a pair a lepord print wedge ankle boots they look awsome too.. and your dress looks awsome, you pull it off really well
  13. its an awsome pic im not sure if shes wearing tights or if there tattoos..
  14. ill have a look at your thread :D i havnt been up to much heel wise atm i cant buy any new heels coz of where im living atm. but its hard coz i see so many i like :S ive been wearin mine round the house atm not game to go out jus yet lol

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