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  1. Dancing in Heels is fun, and i can dance in heels i can hardly walk in because they are in excess of 6". It is a different kind of movement. But my preferred height for dancing is 5".
  2. In my country the old town centres often have cobblestones, that is no fun in high heels. Also broken or badly repaired sidewalks can be a problem. Sometimes i take off the heels and do some distance barefoot.
  3. No, they where uncomfy and somehow not easy to walk in, the heel was in some strange way misplaced. I was glad when these heels left.
  4. If the dress or skirt is too short i would need a second lipstick.
  5. And for sure not when being photographed. The heels on pictures have to shine!
  6. To me boot season is when it is cold. Putting on boots if not needed is an effort i try to avoid. On second thought i also like to show off my legs in nylons.
  7. I have done that many times, sometimes even twice. A shoe has to fit! Helen
  8. Can you imagine these guys wearing high heels, especially stilettos? Helen
  9. There is no general idea of how a man should look, it is the overall package that makes the impression. I would not want to see the plumber or electrician doing his work in my house wearing any kind of heels. On the other hand i have met many heelwearing men , and with the right outfit it can look very good. Have a look at spikemikes picture in the "Best Dressed HHPlacer of 2021" thread, that is a good combination. Helen
  10. Most of my heels are around 5", but i can take 6" for a few hours like going to the opera or theater. 7"? I can walk in these for short distances but it will not look gracefully. I can however sit gracefully in 7" heels, and lying works as well. But to me 7" is clearly fetish-territory.
  11. There is a big difference between boots and stilettoes. From my experience i can tell you that expensive stilettoes wear out as fast as cheap ones, the ones with metal-tips are more durable than the plastic-tipped ones. Plastic-tips can be ruined with a few outings. Whereas good boots with a chunky heel can stay alive for long, long times. Boots with stilettoe heels with wear out quick as well.
  12. Being in heels 24 hours would kill me as well!
  13. That is so true, but i would skip the peeptoes as well. If you want to make an impact use 4", if you want to stay low profile, which is sometimes needed, stick to 2".
  14. Womens shoes of size 40 and above will be sold out in stores pretty fast, whereas the sizes 37 and smaller will be sitting on the shelfs for ages until they are sold for reduced prices like 3 for the price of 1. Chorlini wrote: There is nothing to add to that conclusion, as sad as it is. There is however one exception, that is sports shoes. They are available in larger sizes as well, so all larger women must be the sporty type.
  15. Do yourself a favour and buy some Moris, just make sure you order a 41 when you need a 40.
  16. There are no better shoes for gardenwork than crocs, i do love them in the garden. But i would not dare to go outside in crocs. And i do not see crocs worn by other people outside. What i see is sneakers, and now that summer is gone the colour seems to shift from white to black. And with young girls ballet flats start to trickle in, i do hope this trend continues
  17. Are these heels with spurs? If that is true it is the first time i see the combination.
  18. Sizing is irrelevant, especially in heels. In daily use i am a european 41, and in sneakers and flats and kittenheels that works OK. But my high heels range from 39 to 43 to fit my feet. And a friend offered my her extreme 7" heels because they were to large for her size 38, but even for my feet they were at least 2 numbers too large. I guess it was a manufacturing mistake, these shoes were stamped with the wrong size 6.5! Helen
  19. Good morning Mike! You could post that picture also in the "Best Dressed ..." thread, it would fit well in there. Helen
  20. This is not my best dresss, but i do love this one:
  21. Of course there is more, that is a fact! Here is all of me:
  22. Heels and cargo pants:
  23. Hobble skirts or dresses are good if you want to look adorable and i have some for that purpose. But i prefer swinging skirts which give you a fresher, younger look.
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