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  1. Hi Shelby! A warm welcome to this site, have fun browsing the topics. It is a very men-in-heels centric site, and that makes interesting reading and sometimes participating!
  2. In the 70s i began wearing heels, but it was always classic pumps and never any blockhhels and or platforms. Many girls in my school, which was a Lyzeum, a school only for girls, run by the catholic church, wore platforms with blockheels, mostly brown or white kneeboots at that time. But i did not like the look. I had platforms around 2010 or so, but they didn´t last long because i didn´t like to walk in them. Somehow i lost the feel for the surface i walked on in platforms. But i still have 2 pairs of 1inch platforms for the looks.
  3. Nerdy describes it pretty well. What is it with you guys that you make a science out of everything? I simply buy the shoes that i like and can afford and do not care what the type of heel is, the heel just has to match the other part of the shoe. I would not buy or wear shoes like in the picture above, first i am not into platforms anymore, second the heels of the shoes do not appeal to me. Of course other people will go crazy about these shoes. To each her or his own.
  4. The perfect shoes are pumps, because it is easy to slip out if you want to, but stable if you walk.
  5. That is a tough question, but i will try to conquer it. Let me take an average day, that is easy. About 2 hours of being in heels could be the norm. 1 hour of shopping and 1 hour when my husband comes home. It may be less or more according to circumstances, but it looks reasonable in hindsight. Maybe some additional time in the evening for some private pleasure together on some days. On a special day it may be a longer period if we are going for an event. That could be a few hours for a trip to the cinema for example, or many hours for a wedding or an anniersary. But due to the current covid19 situation that has become a rare sight. On some days i do not like heels at all and will be barefoot when at home. These days have been increasing in numbers over the last few years.
  6. Yes, may the brand-new year bring happiness to all!
  7. Once i have been into platforms too, but that is at least 10 years ago. Almost all of the platforms had to go, and today i can not imagine to do it again. But i also can not imagine to wear these combat boots which are now on display everywhere, ugly footwear simply does not work with a dress or skirt. I will stay with my classic pumps, they served me well during at least 40 years. Never change a running system!
  8. While i wear high heels quite often i have never been on crutches, and my take is that i would wear flats if i had to use crutches.
  9. The heels force you to stand and walk with a more upright posture, which is good for your spine. The more upright position also sends out a signal to others, confidence and power. Heels worn by noble people in older times or by women in younger times suited this purpose, and now the male population is slowly getting a hang on this.
  10. These are certainly good looking boots!
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