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  1. Tights and a leather skater skirt but that would have been too much.
  2. @mlroseplant I have no idea how anyone can walk in any of the "heelless" platform shoes by Jeffrey Campbell! It seems pretty challenging! Btw, I like to keep an eye on https://jeffreycampbellshoes.com/collections/extended-sizes in hopes that one day my other Jeffrey Campbell dream shoe will turn up in large sizes:
  3. 3 months after getting them, I am still obsessed with these shoes. Last weekend I wore them again when me and my girlfriend went to a house party. I was pretty nervous, but nothing bad happened and I even got some compliments. The people there were artist friends of ours, pretty open minded people, that's why I had the courage to wear these heels. Photo taken just before going out, I once again wore boring blue jeans
  4. @w6ish Yes, she is. I think the key to finding a partner who is okay with it is telling them early. I told her I like to wear high heels occasionally on our second or third date. Anyway, last weekend we went out, and I was wearing my Litas again. She was wearing her Converse shoes so I was towering above her (normally I am only 1 or 2 cm taller than her).
  5. Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I've liked high heels for many years which previous girlfriends either had a problem with or I completely kept it a secret. My current girlfriend is the first one who is okay with my hobby and doesn't mind me wearing heels occasionally. I first saw the Jeffrey Campbell LIta heels online more than 5 years ago and instantly wanted to get them but never saw them in my size except for a few occasions but only in American web stores (I live in Europe, and didn't want to order them from the US). I never completely forgot about these heels and even told my cur
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