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  1. I'll stick with hosiery, and leave the heels to the professionals!
  2. No, I don't wear heels. But I love high heels, probably more than my wife! I've bought her Casadei, Louboutin, along with shoes from strip center shoe stores, that cost $20! If it looks good, and I want to see her in them, I'll pick them up for her. Unfortunately, she's mostly stopped wearing them, and my purchasing has greatly decreased. I'd like to see the ones you mentioned.
  3. I have, all I can find with the image search is the Instagramer. She doesn't seem to respond, and hasn't tagged the posts with the shoes, but I'll ask over there. Thanks for trying to help!
  4. Thanks Cali. I've searched cork, wedge, platform, gladiator, sandals, chunky, heels... All, combinations of that. The only thing I can think of that I haven't done, is directly ask the instagramer from whom I found them. But the page doesn't seem to reply to comments.
  5. Hey everyone. I'm definitely a high heel lover. I found something that I can only describe as a crossover between a wedge and a chunky heel, but I don't know what brand it is. I scoured the internet, and some results led me to this forum. Not specifically for the shoes, but for help in finding them. I love these, and my wife loves wedges (and stilettos, and platforms, and sandals, etc). So, can you guys help? I'm limited in my file size, so I'll try and find another smaller pic from a different angle to upload Here's another one, had to crop a bit to get it to upload here. I did find a shoe maker called Giuseppe Zanotti that looked promising, but I didn't find this specific one connected to him. Or really, anything quite like it, just solid wedges.
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