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  1. Actually the surface is sandy and for the most part it is a packed dirt or sand So walking in wedges or block heels is fine. Stilettos would dig in. As a matter of fact i ordered a back up pair of shoes for our weekend trips. They are Elise by Bleecker and Bond. i can’t wait to put my hands on them.
  2. I wonder what do you guys think. Me and wife got a weekend get away property. It is kind of remote location where we don’t have a next door neighbor that can see us when we are there. One time i got an idea to buy some comfy high heel shoes that i can enjoy on weekends. I bought Franco Sarto Yvette wedge mules. My wife told me i am the only one to come up with the idea of camping in heels. This way i can enjoy whole weekend running afound in them except for the time we are on the lake. My feet got used to them to the point where it felt weird when i had to swap for flats When weekend was over.
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