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  1. I only wear pointy heels, since my toes got used to this shape (hard work, lol)
  2. Hi Julia, to be "forced" is maybe not the right term in a relationship, because you can end it and you are not forced any longer. So I see it as I allowed it to be forced, lol. With this explanation, yes I was forced by my first bf from age 18 for over 2 years to wear high heels 24/7. I was not allowed to wear "unhealthy" shoes before because of my "ecological" left-wing parents. On my 18th birthday I left home and moved in at my bf's appartement. He opened a total new world of elegance for me (he was a photographer and advertising man, about 15 years older) and I really wanted all, lol. Today I knoe there was a portion of fetishism in it too from his side, I didn't know then. First weeks were medium high heels (6cm for 2 weeks, 8 cm for 6 weeks) with round toe box, followed by pointy 10cm heels for half a year. Since then only superpointys between 11cm and 14cm height. Hard times for me but very very exiting too, lol I could go on telling my experience but it is probably not interesting for the public. Have you been forced too, Julia? Love Susi
  3. Hi Littleblue, may I ask how you and your toes and feet are today? Are you still in the training? Any progress? Susi
  4. I had contact with Liane from Vienna (her english is not too good but she is willing to participate in the forum and I will try to translate from time to time). She just turned 19 and was wearing high heels during her two pregnancies (15 1/2 and 17 y o). With her first girl she was not really aware that she was pregnant for the first 4 month and was to vain to wear flat shoes. Not until 2 weeks befor her delvery she wore less pointed and high shoes (boots with block heels and 5 cm heels). With her second girl she was allready used to wearing high heels so much, that she found it uncomfortable to wear shoes with less than 10-12 cm. She said that it really changed the shape of her feet and toes (she thinks to a more feminine look). We discussed the impact, I think it also made sense that she (and her feet) was still growing during her first pregnancy. She started wearing heels on a regular basis age 12. When walking became painful (esp. on her toes) around month 5 she also didnt had enough money to buy new (and prob. larger sized) pumps. Her doctor told her several times that due to the weaker connective tissue during pregnancies also the feet and toes shape get (de-)formed more easy and she should wear more "reasonable" shoes but she refused due to vanity (and she was in an age were she allways had done the opposite of what "grown-ups" told her). If you want to know more write here (or PM her or me for translation). Are you pregnant, Leigh? Love Susi (with greetings from Liane)
  5. One of my vintage Ballys from 1962 have heels with steel tips (they even leave marks on or in oak parquet floors), they are my loudest. On marble or other stone floors I am always in the spot. I hate that I am shy myself but my bf insists in wearing them from time to time because he enjoys it.
  6. I do have a friend who was wearing them for vanity during pregnancie. Maybe we PM and I ask her if you are interested in an exchange.
  7. susiheels


    Oh, waoh, from size 7 down to size 5 (or 5 1/2) - thats quite a result. I mean there are lots fo women and girls around, who complain about their "gross" feet, unable to find beautiful shoes because manufaturers are only producing smaller sizes... It could be a good decicion to follow your way of "heeling" if the result will be more cute and dainty feet (and shoes of course). Was it hard for you to go your way for these 5 years? Any regrets? Have you ever thought about "giving up"? The second great aspect seems to be for me that - following your words - it is true that the end result will be feet that allow wearing High Heels all day without any pain! That is fabiolous! I mean I have many friends that have really big problems with wearing apropiate shoes for a couple of hours! So your training method can also solve the pain problem, I guess. Was it painful for you during the 5 years period? What was the hardest experience for you? And btw: was it a plan to reduce your shoe size over the time? Or was it just necessary because your shoes became loose?
  8. susiheels


    From age 19 to 24 means that your feet were allready grown to their natural size when you started your training (or your bf started the training on your feet), right? What kind of shoes had you worn before? Btw: Do you have to wear a smaller shoe-size since your training? (That really happend to a shoe-fanatic friend of me!) I agree with you that going back would be like giving up. Maybe it would become painful again for you to wear 5 or 6 inch heels if you would go back to flats! Btw: Is it right that after a training like yours, you are able to wear superpointy 5 or 6 inchers for hours without any pain or is it just a myth?
  9. susiheels


    Oh dear, that's bad, sometimes it can be really helpful to wear flats... Have you seen a doctor? Maybe you can do some reverse exercises? On the other hand it must be great to have feet that have adopted the shape of your beloved pointies so that you can wear them for hours without the pain, that usually comes with it? I am curious: how long have you trained your feet and at which age have you started? Can you remember how long it took to see significant changes?
  10. susiheels


    So the pointy Zanottis must be perfect for your feet! Btw: How long did it take to get the foot shape you are writing about? Are there any disadvantages that come with the shaping? Was the new shape your goal, or the abillity to wear very high and pointed shoes?
  11. Hi Giraffe, PM means Permanent Makeup. Its some kind of tattooed eyeliner, eyebrows and (in my case also) lips. I wanted to get a sharper lip line (conture) and fuller lips but I dislike the silicone lip injections because I fear that I will loose my sensibility in my lips (that happend with my breasts after augumentation). Hi Eto, well they are shaped like my pointiest pumps (sort of), the lesser toes are hammered to fit the shape. Susi
  12. Hi Amanda, you must be very lucky! I am also wearing only quality shoes (well maybe when I started wearing heels I had some cheaper pumps) but they have taken their tibute on my toes and foot shape. May I ask what is wrong in wearing high heels at age 75? Susi
  13. Hi wasted Giraffe, thank you for postig the photos. The feet look like I think Aminas feet should look - following her description (exept the ornamentation). Just curious: Is it your gf? Is there a real plus in comfort wearing superpointy heels? I mean, we are doing lots of things to get more perfection for our bodies. Ears, breasts, lips, hair e.g. Where is (or should be) the limit? Is a PM really so differt from a normal tattoo in the face (I dont like tattoos)? I wonder - if her feet wouldnot be tattooed - if somebody would really realize her missing toes, if she would be barefoot on a beach ... Please post more details Best Susi
  14. I just want to ad, that there is a second (and very interesting) part of this discussion going on in the "everybody" forum.
  15. Hi histoletto and all other suporters, its very nice to see that there is so much thinking (and concern) about this very female subject, which was discussed first in the all womens board. I have to admit, that I have learned something from your arguments. I already thought that wearing high heels with all the consequences was or is my very own will and decision. Fashion is also important but its me, making decisions... O.K. my bf likes my choice of footwear but its me, making decisions... But you are right: there are more influences from society than I wanted to concede at first. In my case it started in my early teens, when my mother was forcing me to wear patent leather shoes for special occasions like teas or concerts. The had a 4 cm heel and were not to pointed but quite narrow and the materal was rigid and unflexible, maybe they were also too small in size. When I complained I was told that they look so dainty and cute and that a real woman has to suffer for beauty! So I learned this lesson early and when I was buying shoes with my grannie or my parents (I was 13-14 or 15?) I was allways giving in and taking a pair if I got compliments by them or even by the shoe seller, regadless if they were comfortable or not. And of course a smaller size of the same shoe is allways looking more elegant and "dainty" than a large one... You are also right with your analysis of the influence of the bf or husbent. My actual bf was telling me at our third or forth date that he really got mad when he saw me the first time in the opera house, were I was acompagning my father, because of my superpointy 5" heels. So he found a way to get in contact with my father and me. With this compliment in my mind I really had choosen (and still choose) my heels to kind of please him, I guess. As a design collector specialised in the 1960ies, I knew that he also likes the thight superpointies of the early 1960ies. So when a design dealer in zurich was telling us that he had some unworn bally pumps from 1961 and 1962 in his stock, I was the one who asked to try them on. For the dealer it was some kind of a sacrileg to wear these shoes that he has seen as design objects. When we found out that they were 2-3 sizes to small for me, my bf tried to stop me ineffectual but gave in very fast when I told him that they were o.k. because of (inexistent) extra space in the pointed toebox (which was definatly a lie, they are in fact unwearable torture devices). So these 6 paires of high heels became his favoured ones and I always thought that I had to have them. Hm, I guess you are right, the free decision is not as free as the force is a force. I dont want to complain in general, I really like to look great and I am very fashionable in many ways. But as a woman I wear my heels on a daily basis and this definatly changed the shape of my feet and toes. Love Susi
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