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  1. Too bad about Payless and Sexy shoes. Agree that the old Rogers shoes/SexyShoes was the best. They don't even seem to try now. Quality size 13 and 14 is hard to find.
  2. Sorry to see that this business is having trouble. They really did make some great fitting shoes. They offered larger sizes (up to size 15 I think) and with all the width choices as well. The only advise I would offer to this company is to consider a name change (a little less aggressive sounding) and promote what you are best at doing which to offer the most comfortable broadest styled shoe types and sizes available on the market. I hope they will be able to restart again!
  3. I found some nice Calvin Klein pumps on Nordstrom Rack for not too bad of a price. They go up to size 13 so lots of choice for now. Black and Carmal? For me they were a bit snug at first but the leather is stretching nicely and they are very comfortable now. I think the heels are a bit higher than 4" maybe 4.5" These are size 13.
  4. I measured the heel height at the back of the shoe. It is very slightly over 5" high and possibly this is due to the larger size. They do offer a lower heel choice as well. You can play around with shoe designs on their website and pose questions as well. S of P has good customer service and will answer your questions.
  5. There is less flex in the toe area because of the platform but it seems to be more comfortable for me than some of the shoes that do not have a platform. There is good padding in the toe box area. Although the heel is approx. 5" the platform helps to lessen the slope of the instep and for me is more comfortable than a 5" heel shoe without a platform. Hope I used the proper descriptions for the different parts of the shoe. I guess there might be a description of different parts of a high heel shoe on this website somewhere. I know terms like vamp, instep, insole, etc. help to describe diff
  6. Recent purchase, Shoes of Prey. Good quality, lots of sizing including half sizes and many width choices as well. Not inexpensive but worth the price. Pictured shoes are size 13, with small platform and over 5" heel. Comfortable and happy with purchase.
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