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  1. Where are they ?

    The phone number i had to contact cos was +442084497454 What about you? Regards
  2. Where are they ?

    Hello everybody Thanks a lot fo your support and for your responses. To Puffer, i contacted paypal but they said we only get 6 months to claim. So it was too late for me, as i tried to be comprehensive with cos who encountered problems. ... I returned the shoes in September 2015. I paid them 200 euro. His last email is dated October 3rd 2016 where he promised to refund me .... Thanks
  3. Where are they ?

    Hello everybody I'm French so sorry for my poor English. I'm a lady, 59 years old. i love high heels in December 2013 i ordered one pair of shoes at cos, fabulously fetish shoes, i paid them with paypal. i was supposed to receive them around mid February 2014. It was never the case, despite a lot of emails i finally received them in September 2014 but unfortunately they were actually too small, they looked like a doll shoes.... cos didn't want me to return them but i finally gave evidence to him that the shoes were definitely too small, i took photos while measuring my foot with a centimeter. He finally accepted to refund me. So i returned the shoes by registered mail. i know he received the shoes. And since then, I'm still waiting to be refunded. i don't know how many emails i sent, he always requested me to be patient, that things were going better , bla bla bla.... during months, in fact two years, i wanted to trust him and was confident that he would have refunded me. but now, since last December, i sent two emails and he didn't reply. Then i found this forum talking about him and can see I'm not the only one. i saved a lot to offer me these shoes and can't afford loosing this money. how can i process to get my money back ? can somebody help me? Can we gather our complains against him? any reply will be welcome. thanks to all of you and sorry again for my poort English. kind regards anouch57