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  1. My first post outside of introductions. thanks again for letting me join you! I rent some space at a local "mini-Storage". I spend quite a lot of time there and have become friendly with the staff and management. Periodically, lockers are abandoned for one reason or another. usually the owner just stops paying or, sometimes, they pass away. Such a thing happened a few months ago. The family of the lockers owner didn't want the contents and agreed to turn over everything to the management in lieu of back rent. The manager sold the contents to one of the staff who I am good friends with. He asked me to sort through it and we were amazed to find perhaps 500 or more pairs of ladies shows and boots. I immediately recognized that here, was a collection which must have taken years to put together. it is mostly 11, 12 and 13 but there is some smaller and even some 14s! I found a couple of pairs of Hot Peppers, Several pairs of Di Marni boots, a really sweet pair of Gio Hel Pumps and loads of other stuff. It is my job to dispose of these, the ones I don't keep! I will put the highlights in a gallery when I'm allowed to post pictures. Best wishes to all, Diz.
  2. Nice to meet you, tbg! Thank you for the welcome! Of the few pair I've acquired in the past year, the ones marked as women's 10W have been the most comfortable for longer wearing. I will post a picture. Since the recent bonanza, I've found that 11 or even 12 are good, depending upon the style. We used to have a Payless here but it seems to have disappeared. Now, it seems, I have my own shoe store!
  3. Hello and thank you for allowing me to join you all! I've been keen on high heeled shoes and boots as long as I can remember. About a year ago, I realized I could do more than just look at them and started shopping! I've found it challenging to find things I like in my size (10W). I have restricted myself thrift stores and Walmart thus far. I found a nice pair of low boots which I've worn out on several occasions. Due to a remarkable circumstance, I now have an embarrassment of riches, in the footwear department! I will post the story shortly. Cheers! Diz.
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