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  1. subtle

    My collection

    They are all mostly all US11, so uk 9 1/2? Have about 10 pairs of boots. It’s a bit blurry to be honest, hence the reason for a dual category.
  2. subtle

    My collection

    Mainly a variety of boots, mostly booties or block heels. Thanks, I didn’t do a great job aligning that one, but yes good spot, Jessica Simpson jinxxi.
  3. This is about half of my collection, I forgot that I had half of these and wanted to get some photos for reference. Pumps D'Orsay styles Peep toes Slings Sandals Wedges Mules / slides Mules
  4. Women can act like this to each other, there’s often some jealousy fueled comments among friends about some other lady’s attire, they could be just too but still, the fact here is they are talking about someone else for their own entertainment. I don’t think they’re particularly picking on you, just you’re the easy target that’s in front of their face.
  5. Right, sometimes sound, calve shape, or even upper body posture.
  6. this was in another thread a few months ago. Not even one nice comment, probably because they read “the sun”.
  7. Three complements like that would even make me uncomfortable. I would say if you’d only made one of those comments you’d wouldn’t have came across the way you did.
  8. This really explains the tone I can hear reading some of your posts macky, sorry society was so cruel, when you were just trying to be yourself. I’ve had the same sort of ridicule but my mother couldn’t throw my name away.
  9. I must have about 15 pairs of them myself.
  10. I do have shorter ones like these...
  11. I had these come in this week us11 Delay
  12. Sometimes the is a little flex tension when weight is it and you can feel the heel tip kinda drag toward the front of the shoe.
  13. That ruler is in metric they are only 4cm.
  14. Got these last month, Marc Fisher - Prana
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