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  1. aw wow thanks for the comments everyone
  2. Same as these but a bit lower and not Kurt geiger of course!
  3. they were just plain black casual type heels (2 inch) will find a picture later and post
  4. Well they were probably ankle length, you could definitely see the top of my foot and the nude nylons just made them even more noticeable!
  5. Hi All, I have a place I like to go to (generally in the evenings) where I can walk about in my heels (very quiet area). I was sitting on a bench just enjoying the coast and then in the distance I could hear talking and it was getting louder! by now i'm starting to panic slightly and they walked right past me.... I froze OMG it the first time I I had been caught! so I had to just keep my head down and sat there.... was a horrible experience but after it was over and I thought about it, it wasn't too bad and I have been back since. I was wearing black jeans with black heels and
  6. Hi All, I enjoy wearing heels etc. and have started trying to wear heels in public (albeit at night) is there anyone local to me? Specifically Norfolk, UK
  7. Will do Because I'm using the rear camera on the phone, its hard to know whether I'm in shot or not lol would be good to walk about without worrying if I'm walking in the right place! I tend to put the phone on the trolley, leave the trolley then walk up and down the aisle! Must be an easier way
  8. Hey Everyone, I have just started wearing flats out when I go shopping (albeit late at night but it felt great!) This might sound weird but I like to film myself to see what I look like to other people, does anyone else do this? if so does anyone have any tips? I tend to put the phone on the trolley so it doesn't look too obvious Am I weird? lol
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions, I went shopping in my flats the other night and it was great, just want to find a pair that are a bit of both then I'll be more confident to wear them during the day......
  10. Thanks for the replies the clarks one certainly look good, i currently have these, pair of black tights and black jeans they are ideal really but fancy a change! will search ebay for clarks I think
  11. Hi All, Hope everyone is well.. I am looking for some new flats (ideally ladies) but are quite discreet. I've worn my other flats in public but I want something a bit more daring now (starting from off small!) anyone know any good brands? Not up to wearing heels in public yet
  12. Happy in heels, yes I did it was great! I have since been to get fuel while wearing them so it will be shopping next!
  13. They do look very inconspicuous and I know that really no one will notice but there's always that small niggling doubt in my head
  14. Hi All, As I'm only just starting to try public outings Im starting small. I went to the cinema last night, parked up and changed in to some flats with opaque black tights and jeans and walked to the cinema. It felt great to be in public even if it's only in flats (not ready for heels!) I'm going to try getting some fuel tonight while wearing them and hopefully it won't be too obvious! I have the ones in the attached picture except in black
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