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  1. For me In my humble opinion the best web of boots by variety of styles and more special designs is charlotte-luxury.com. But it is a little expensive although the boots that I have from this website are my favorite
  2. I can not talk specifically about the Chapu model of Di Marni at www.charlotte-luxury.com because this model specifically I have not bought it but if I bought a Jean Gaborit model, I called Durban attached the link https://bootlovers.eu/fr/glamour/233-durban.html#/matiere_et_couleur_principale-veau_lisse_01_noir/hauteur_du_talon-10_cm/pointure-38/mesures-mesures_prises_jambes_nues/unite_de_mesure-cm and another Di Marni model Guaran at charlotte-luxury.com, I attach the link https://charlotte-luxury.com/guaran-black The truth is that both are good. Yes it is true that the leather of Di Marni is extremely soft and very pleasant to the touch. This for a person who wants to touch the boots may make a difference. For me, it's important. The design of both are fine but Di Marni has something special and its heel is unique and I love it, but in general terms both are fine I hope your coments Nice to meet you Regards
  3. Hello all! I am addicted to the high heels boots, I love to see a woman walk with good boots, only her walk makes me feel good. I think they are one of the sexiest objects you can find and get maximum sensuality. Before all the boots seemed fantastic. Every time my level of demand grows (I imagine that observing every detail makes me pay attention to the errors and advantages) These are the last boots that I bought from my wife. She allows me to buy her new boots every time but sometimes she gets angry. I'm willing to do this so she can put on her new boots. These boots are my latest acquisition. I love them because they do not have seams and they have a very clean and elegant design. I hope you like and can discuss more models of boots among all I leave the link where you buy https://charlotte-luxury.com/sadira-black Regards
  4. For me these boots are perfect for all they're hot while elegant and well I got for my girlfriend with his measures. So fit perfectly to your leg and are simply incredible. Definitely my must-have boots http://www.charlotte-luxury.com/product/corcao-black-2 Regards
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