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  1. A revolving hole punch is often two big. Use a watch strap punch for a smaller hole.
  2. if this was brought into me, I'd probably remove the original synthetic linning & replace it with a tight grained piece of leather & then re-stitch the entire strap. it might pay you to ask your local repairer to see what he suggests.
  3. wet the toes, press some damp toilet paper in them then dry the uppers with a hair dryer, it will occassionally reshape them.
  4. realistically its doubtful sometimes it can be done, by removing the soles & rebuilding the toe box section but its never perfect & few can actually do it in the first place so finding someone willing to do it is often hard.
  5. this is nothing to do with chemicals its to do with age, the design is an old one & rubber soles perish with age, much like car tires, they go hard brittle & eventually break up. YES they can be repaired similar to the shoes in the left of this picture.
  6. the quality & grade of the leather in an upper has the biggest effect on the amount they will stretch & many synthetics can stretch quite often more successfully than natural materials. from experience you can only really expect to get a 1/4 size rather than half or full sizes. The stretcher I use is a machine in itself with different shapes & sizes of lasts & attachments that can be added to specific areas (bunions & so on) & will produce far better results than the wood ones you can buy, I don't even stock these as once I explain the differences & the fact the cost of having them done by me is so, so much cheaper than a wooden stretcher most people then leave shoes with me. But all in all shoe stretching is quite successful.
  7. don't steam them you'll get tide marks on those uppers, they stain very easily this is the correct advice. its probably been where they have laid in a stock room in the box & they've assumed the position they where laying in.
  8. Air them. If they are new, then they may have only been made a short time before you brought them. Leave them in a well ventilated place or outside it weather permits & I'd bet a pound to a penny the smell will dissipate after a few days. Before the great suggestions (fabreeze) I'd certainly try this first.
  9. Just don't use super glue! this crystallizes & goes rock hard. once you start walking & the shoe bends, this breaks up becomes uncomfortable, fails & renders it more difficult to remedy than previously.
  10. why not take them to a cobblers? it will probably cost less than you'll spend on the glue & the process will be done using a sole press which will be perfect?
  11. the problem with opening up the toes is you end up with more sole sticking out fronts, which has less around it to support its shape, you'll then find yourself tripping. Not safe.
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