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  1. thanks for clarifying the name.....i thought it meant something else!!! oh well....

  2. Just added a pic of the white strappy high heel sandals you commented on many weeks ago from my blog. Sorry it took so long. They are on my album in the galleries. Hope you like them.

  3. Hi slingback6: Yes, I also agree that the highest heels possible are the best. The foot looks so much better when the toes are flat, the arch rises vertically to the highest point possible,where it curves and provides a place for the heel to "rest". A good, well made shoe will hold the foot in this position, and eventually the instep will protrude forward in a beautiful curve. I chose the name "foreverup", as I don't want to stop increasing my heel heights until I have reached the point where it is just not possible to go any higher.

  4. yes, i agree.....the higher the better and I find that six inch heels work perfectly for me. Keep in touch.

  5. thanks RP.....looking forward to using it!!!

  6. hello slingback6: Does the 6 after your user name indicate that you wear 6 inch heels? I hope so. They make the feet look so nice.

  7. hey slingback. my site is part of my signature on this site. it's www.highheeledwomen.phphbbserver.com/forum look forward to seeing you there

  8. hi, would love to get to know u better

  9. luved your pics KF....would luv to see more ....mmmmmm regards, slingback6

  10. Hi RP......i used to go on your web site and just loved it. However, i was out of town for several months and lost it. Can you provide me with it. regards slingback6

  11. Finally got my 10 posts. Have two pics of my silver sandals posted with my profile. Please let me know if you like them. Am having more pics taken of my other sandals in two weeks. Will post them as soon as I can.

  12. I can't post any pics as I do not have 10 posts. If you contact me at kfsteve391@hotmail.com, I can send you pics. How do I get more posts? I do not find this site to be user friendly.

  13. great stuff junkman..thanks
  14. slingback6

    The highest heel

    Scott, would luv to see some pics
  15. slingback6

    new 6.5 inch patent pumps

    wow...sooo sexxy

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