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  1. Renee

    Strappy pumps at the office

    Wow! Those are yummy. I do not think the pad locks would do well for work unless one worked in a gothic/fetish type retail store. The idea is the dom/me locks the shoes onto the submissive. It is symbolic for domination/submission because the submissive can not remove the shoes until it is the desire of the master/mistress as they control the key. Leaving the key on the lock won't work as the submissive can remove them. They are ahown here just to let people know tat they are real locks that come with keys. Renée
  2. Renee

    Female undertakers

    I agree with the workers. If a woman is doing a traditionally man's job let them wear pants for the safety sake. I remember in the very early 60s a lady nurse lived next door and everymorning would walk past our house. She wore a starched nurses uniform dress with cap and stockings. That was before pantyhose. Later about 1970 they started wearing pantsuits which were pants with a tunic top. I remember my mom repeating over and over how ugly they were. I do not think my mom owned a pair of pants until almost 1975. Anyway... I can not imagine a female dental hygenist cleaning one's teeth in a dress or skirt. (Don't get angry yet!!!) "Vanessa, a White Lady funeral arranger/conductor who did not want to give her real name, said the dress policy was outdated. During burials, four female workers have to balance on a 7cm ledge as they lower a casket weighing up to 150kg over a grave up to three metres deep. " If they do that let them wear pants and lace up oxfords. I do not know exactly everything as in America the funerals are different. The casket is lowered after everyone leaves and a wench and crank/pulley system is used. There is definantly a double standard. I do not think females should be required to wear shoes/clothes that the men are not willing to. Besides I think it is safe to say generally corporations are run by males so therefore they set the rules. I used to have a friend who worked at a bank in the early 80s. Where I lived was in the deep south and summer lasts from March until December. She said they had to wear sleaves and stockings. On the other hand personally I wish they would let a male wear a skirt and heels to work. How many times have I seen a female who weighed 300 pounds wear something a bit too much at work and get away with it. I would always think... "That is not fair for her to get to wear that and I can not. Besides I would look better in it thn her". But that will never happen. Yes you are right the male undertakers often look very creepy... I say if they want the females to wear skirts and heels make the men also. " "What is fair for the goose is fair for the gander". It is baffeling though in another job why females wear these "menwear" suits wen they could wear a mid-calf slim skirt and high heel pums. I would if could. But then again I am a girl on the inside. Renée Yes, that is now my real name. YIPPEE!"
  3. Renee

    Very Pointed Flat Shoes

    Hi Maryanne, I did a search and found a picture of knickerbockers and they are worse than ghaslty. They are horrid! I can not imagine any female wearing those. I can not imagine a male either though. I think the Gina pumps are fairly cute also. Even though my wife is good about wearing heels at home sometimes she does not fell like it so that is why I got her these. Better than the average slippers. Yes in general capris do not do much fr me either. They are another man's style that fisherman wore in Capri Italy. The were cut short so when they were pushing the boats into the water the bottom of the legs would ot get wet. Well something close to that. ON the other hand I vaguely remember Olivia Newton-John at the end of the Grease movie wearing capris with high heel open toe mules. She wore tht outfit as well...
  4. Renee

    new person here

    Welcome here. I adore those nxses. I would rather have one than a Porche or Farrari. When you put a stereo in the 325 build a box out of plywood, stuff it with insolation get you a I can not remember what they call it. It is a speaker rim thingy you bolt to the bottom of a chair to make it shake in home theater systems i.e. volcano sceens. Also use box to isolate the sub- think speaker cabinet instead of just mounted between the rear seat and wiindow as everyone does. After the stuff is mounted you bolt the long baox to underside of rear dash thingy to isolate it from whole trunk. What you want is them in a sealed box. Renée
  5. Could you explain the hollow tips? It seems like a solid tip would make more sense. I have never heard of hollow tips. Thanks Renée
  6. Renee

    Favorite shoe brands

    The Christian L. shoes are real hot! I saw a pair at Neiman-Marcus and they had this fake corset lacing down the back (black stilleto pumps) and red soles. When you looked at the bottom of the shoe ther was also lacing down the sole from heel to where sole finally hit the ground. No one would ever notice unless the lady was on her back with legs in the air. I am not trying to be vulgar, but my wife and a friiend of hers agreed about the "legs in the air bit". I just discoverd the Gina shoes last year. WOW! They are breathtaking both in theior style and unfortunantly price. The have a wonderful pair of 3.5" stiletto thongs which in U.S.D. are clost too $400. Very skinny straps. Renée
  7. Renee

    Why black...

    I heard it was because it made people's women's feet look smaller. Thus black shoes, stockings and skirt make her look skinnier. I was also reading a book on colors. Each color has different meanings. Black froom what I remember is sort of mysterious and untouchable. Perhaps it creates more of a challange to a male when he sees a female in a bar? Where as red is passion and the "lady in red" syndrome would seem to exude sexuality. I am not saying this is all true, just some opiinions. Renée
  8. Renee

    Very Pointed Flat Shoes

    What made me giggle Maryanne was the word "gastly". I think those pointy toed sling back flats were first popularized in the 50s or 60s with capri pants. Sort of summer casual shoes for young ladies. don't really think sandals were worn much then, mostly pumps atleast judging from what is in vintage stores and shoe history books. Back in the days they were called peddle-pushers as I don't think women really wore shorts. They really did not wear pants either except the peddle pushers. Most zipped up the back (many years before front zipping pants for females) so from a males point of view seeing tha rear of a girl with a zipper and showing heels (slingbacks) was very provacative "back in the days...) On a side note Maryanne, I remember years later I had a teacher who did not spend money on shoes. She would wear those same shoes like 4 years later and my reaction was the same as yours "Yikes! Those shoes are ghastly. LOL" So I guess my point is sometimes things are sort of defined in the context of the fad that year in which a shoe style is cool and later it is yuck. On the otherhand is it the style of the shoe you do not like or just being flat. If the shoe had high heels sling back and pointy toe would you all like them better? Here is a pump that I think is very pretty considering the heel height. 1", tapered toe with toe cleavage. I bought my wife a pair and she shows more toe cleavage than this. Some times flats just seem to be a necessary evil... http://www.classicpumps.com/gina.htm
  9. That sounds like fun and we would get to "meet" other members here. I have only used one a couple of times so I do not know much about them. Renée
  10. Renee

    Low rise boot cut jeans for men

    Thanks for the info. Renée
  11. Renee

    Two Years In Public And Counting

    Congratulations! After the first time I can imagine the next step jumping to the high heel pumps was a bit scarey. I am sure also what makes a difference is the way you dress up so nice. Thanks! Renée
  12. Renee

    The neighbours

    Getting back to you question... Pretty much all my heels are pumps or open sandals and have a 4 to 6" generally spiked heel. Most are patent in black, red or white. Where I live is too conservative. No one would beat me up, but they would think it is "weird" and do not need the hassle. Also, I never know when I might run into a buisness associate. We also have many friends who are between 55-75. They would really have a difficult time accepting it. Yes my wife is cool, but she would be embarrased to run into her boss who lives about 2 miles a way with me wearing some 6' spiked heel w/2" platform in red patent open toe "Barbie Doll" sandals (strap across toe and a strap behind heel with one in front of ankle that buckles). Unfortunantly, I do not have any chunky heel boots with a sort of thick sole and longer length boot cut jeans or I would wear them out. So, part is mentality of friends but part of it is mine are very very feminine shoes and so part of it is they would look mismatched with say khaki pants. There are clubs I have been to where high heels were not only accepted, but expected and so I would always wear them there either with a skirt of legging type pants. But, see the shoes matched the bottoms- i.e. a red ankle length skin tight cotton/spandex t-shirt knit material tube skirt with the red patent 6" heel Barbie doll sandals), a red knit spaghetti straped tank top and a 5" wide big buckled strechy belt. On another occasion my wife and I went out wore the above skirt and top with the same sandals mentioned above in black patent with an 18" black satin fully boned corset that I had replaced the black strings with red ones that were long enough to also wrap around the front and tie in the back. It all matched and I did not do it in drag with a wig and falsies where no one would recognise me. But that was in the city and we live in the surburbs. In fact it is against the law to go out in public in drag in my state. Oh one last thing. I have 7 maids uniforms from French fetish maid to mid-calf real ones in cotton each with its own matching apron. When ever I did wear them out I would wear a sort of chin length bobbed wig as not many sissy maids have short corporate haircuts. I would wear makeup, but no falsies becausee "sissy maids" by the definition have to be male. To answer one last question you may or may not have... Yes. I started going to clubs in drag when I was 18. Some years later I stopped as "Freestyle" fashions were accepted enough where I could wear a skirt in heels to a club as myself. Also, when I went out in full drag I got tired of always getting hit on all night long when as Cindy Lauper sings... "Don't you know that... 'girls' just want to have fun yea. Oh oh, 'girls' just want to have fun!". Anyway, that is the explainatiion. Renée "Yes that is my real name now. YIPPIE!"
  13. If you wear a men's size 11 you will generally wear a size 13 in Americas lady sizes. Check out the links page. I will do some there. The above post is correct. Find a local store or one in the next town. I do not know where in southern California you live, but all the cities have fetish stores (LA has a zillion)like a lingurie stores. Order a Frederick's of Hollywood catalog. You can try them on in a dressing room usually. You won't be the first male to buy them. remember that store has been created to make money. Besides I think every male who wants to where high heels have the opportunity (if big enough city) and go try them on in person. Sort of a therapy of accepting yourself. Also if it is in a fetish store or atleast a "sexy lingurie store", the nice sales ladies will probably be very complimentary as to how great they look on you and how they make you look taller and slimmer and if you wear shorts in how much legs look when wearing heels. It is fun. In British sizing you would weare a size 11 a ladies shoe. They have larger sizes especially for men as not to many ladies who where a 13 buy heels that high that I have ever seen. Good luck! Renée
  14. Renee

    Very Pointed Flat Shoes

    You crack me up Maryanne! I know it is a high heel place, but... a pointy toe sling back can be cool. The dicotomy of the pointy toe with a visibal heel. Ok we all know the heel makes the difference, but... there are times they can be cool only because I guess they were big years ago when I was young. Imagine a being first grader with a student /practice teacher who is 21 and a senior in college getting an education degree. She wears minidresses in the spring and flats to be proper, but the pointy toes shoe off her feet and the slingback shows her heels. They can be a real tease with the right dress... very flirty... or if say and my wife does not have any of these shoes but we have friends with either grass or gravel driveways which would mess up stilettos. So what else is there penny loafers, YUCK!!! I'll take feminine pointy toed slingbacks any day that a penny loafer. I supose this is what you are talking about. These are pretty classic slingback flats. J Crew goes after the preppy post college city types. Also I guess I am kind of tired of chunky platfor loafers. Not bad, but not all the time and part of it is people in washington do not dress up like in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta or Dallas except maybe the 20s punker crowd. http://www.jcrew.com/catalog/product.jhtml?id=prod54879181&catId=cat44819 Oh here is a link of some I bought for $20. The heels are 2 3/4" oxfords. Can be cute with the right long black dress. I would do a picture but have no idea how... Renée. http://imagehost.auctionwatch.com/bin/viewimage.x/00000000/cjsgentlyused/SHOESWITCHB.jpg?&&pt=c2it
  15. Very pretty! I love the style and say a balck skirt and a blue and black shirt, blouse or stripped swetter it all come together. blue/black shoes and top with black in the midel. Tré belle! Renée

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