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  1. I haven't had any negative comments to my face, but I've heard a fair share of snickers and giggles, especially from the teen girls. Though i would like to relate a couple of stories. A couple weeks ago, I got off work a little early so I went to the mall across the street and decide to do some shoe shopping. I ended up in the women's shoe section of a major department store. When I found the first two pair that I wanted to try on, I asked the sales woman if they had those particular styles in a size 10. (Not saying they were for me or not.) She replied that she would have to check in the back because the boots I chose were on clearance. When she brought them out, I proceeded to try them on. She looked a bit surprised that I was trying them on but didn't say anything. I eventually tried another half dozen styles before I decided on my purchase. When I went to the counter to pay, I asked "I'll bet you don't have a lot of guys coming in here and trying on heels, do you?" and she replied "No but it's not for me to judge and you seem to know about heels." I felt very good when I left the store. But on the other hand, I was at the grocery store a few days later wearing a different pair of heeled boots under some flared leg womens' jeans. I stopped at the meat section and pulled out my phone to call my wife as I had a question about something she wanted me to get. While I'm on the phone, I noticed a young woman in her mid twenties had stopped her cart across the aisle from me. She too pulled out her phone and looked as if she was checking a text message or something. But she turned and faced toward me instead of facing her cart as she fiddled with her phone. She held it at waist level but I truly believe she was using the camera on her phone to take a picture of me because of my heels. She never said anything to me but moved on shortly after. I wouldn't be surprised if I found a picture or video of myself online someday. So as others have said, if you wear the heels in public, you should be prepared for any type of reaction, good or bad.
  2. I recently went through my closet and pulled out a pair of over the knee boots I purchased around twenty years ago. I realized the reason I haven't worn them lately was that the left shoe needs to have the rubber heel tip replaced. The other seems to be fine. I have a question though. When I get the left tip replaced, should I also have the right one replaced just to be sure, you know that it won't fail or that the heel heights would be uneven?
  3. I've seen all the advice on modifying the heels of the Pleaser ballets. I have a pair and of course the heel is just a bit too long. My question though is this: has anyone thought to adding a small platform to the toe rather than cutting the heel to even them out? If so could you give some details to the process.
  4. Was out shopping two weeks ago at a mall in another town. They have a Steve Madden store there and I fell in love with these at first sight. http://www.stevemadden.com/item.aspx?id=50334&path=|womens%20shoes|womens%20boots|over%20the%20knee|(It was one of the first stores we visited in the mall.) But the price tag made me gag a little. By the end of the day, I still hadn't really gotten anything for my self so I said to myself "Screw it, you only live once". So we went back to the store and I asked to try them on. The only problem was that I was wearing boot cut jeans that day. It was a little difficult to get them over all the extra material. But once I got them on they fit perfect. I wanted to wear them out of the store, but my wife didn't like the idea. So far I have only worn them at home though.
  5. If I was to ever wear a pair of shoes like that, I'd probably just go out and buy a pair of Nike Shox. More fashionable, less gawking.
  6. Nice shoes but still a little too expensive for my taste.
  7. Does anyone know of a shoemaker here in the states that could make a boot like that? I'd be interested in them but can't travel to England for a fitting.
  8. There is only one pair of snake print kitten heel knee boots that me and my wife have that are the same. The store had them on clearance when we bought them and they just happened to have both of our sizes still in stock. We were able to get both for around the normal price of one.
  9. Not necessarily true. I have hairy feet and I suffer from cold feet. If I don't wear socks to bed, I can't sleep and my wife complains about the chill. I am a long distance runner and have been for many years. It still hasn't helped my cold feet issue. While running they warm up fine but when I'm done and cool off, my feet really cool off.
  10. There are beginning to be a lot more of those Smart cars around my area. I wouldn't want to drive one. And I'm scared driving alongside them. I drive a lifted Jeep and those tiny cars can dissapear into my blind spot in a heartbeat. If I did hit one, it would be little more than a bump in the road.
  11. Good Job! I've run a marathon before and possibly doing a half marathon next month. Except I trained for months for each event. He won't be wearing heels again for a while the way his feet must be torn up.
  12. You mean like the guy a few years ago that sued Hooters for discrimination when they wouldn't hire him as a server. The company said he couldn't fit the uniform correctly.
  13. I have the same problem with the heel being to long. I have some MDF (medium density fiberboard) left over from another project that I am thinking of using to sculpt out some platforms for the toes. Two questions occur to me. What material should I cover the new platform with to make it blend into the shoe better (make it look like it was made that way)? And what would be the best adhesive for this material?
  14. Do you happen to have a picture of this modified wedge style ballet heel?
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