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  1. CL'S for the spring/summer

  2. Looking To See Who This Is..

    That is pretty funny!!!! guess maybe they don't look in the mirror before they venture out.
  3. Posting Links..

    Update: Just in case anyone is going thought the same issue... I tried another Browser..so far so good. When I need to c/p something here I use Safari. it seems to work.. thanks again!
  4. Deleting A Topic Or Post..

    Hello, ok.... I belong to a lot of forums. I just thought they all used the same platform(no pun intended) most allow you to correct for mistakes. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Looking To See Who This Is..

    Thank you very much for the replies.. I had no idea that was VB... boy, was she pretty there...this must have been a long time ago... I have also never seen her with such short hair before... I apologize for the link... I was hoping that just the "link" part would show up.... I don't want to offend anyone... when I realized what I did I tried to delete the post, but did not see where I could do that either.
  6. All, I would like to know if after i post a new topic- incase i posted something in error do i have the option of deleting it.? I looked around and could not find this option - that is if it exists. when i went to the help section i was greeted with "could not find" I figure it must be me. Thank you.
  7. Hello all, Can anyone tell me who this is at 6:14? I guess she must be some sort of TV or singing personality... all I know is that she is quite beautiful. Thanks.
  8. Posting Links..

    I see we have comedy here..... Sister, you picked on the wrong yank. I just happen to know who Hamish is.... I used to watch that tv show over here .. think he had a small white dog with him all the time too right? thanks for the Memories. Sleek, No, I have never tried that before.. I just do it like most of the sites I go to.. I'll try that. Thanks for the suggestions.
  9. Can Anyone Tell Me Which Wedges These Are...?

    Thanks for the replies.... I might do just that.... I think they are Designer though.
  10. I saw these in the newspaper and then finally online. I think these are beautiful. Thanks.
  11. Posting Links..

    Hmmmm,. Ok then.... I'll have to try perhaps another browser... perhaps it will be sorted out during the new upgrade. There are only a few sites that I have this issue with. thanks for the reply.
  12. Hello, From time to time I find articles that I think Folks might be interested in. The C/P does not seem to work for me here... Is there any special item that I must do? Setting? or is it simply not allowed?. I remember that I was once able to do it.. I am using W7 and the latest version of IE... which might be the issue. Thanks.
  13. Help Indentifiing Anyone Know ?

    Thank you very much.
  14. Help Indentifiing Anyone Know ?

    Hello all, Can anyone identify what shoe this is? I am not very good at this so I was hoping that someone here might be able to assist. I assume that this Is a designer shoe. I also hope I posted it in the Proper section. Thanks.
  15. High Heels Illegal In Russia?

    I was just reading this.... so silly.