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  2. That is pretty funny!!!! guess maybe they don't look in the mirror before they venture out.
  3. Update: Just in case anyone is going thought the same issue... I tried another far so good. When I need to c/p something here I use Safari. it seems to work.. thanks again!
  4. Hello, ok.... I belong to a lot of forums. I just thought they all used the same platform(no pun intended) most allow you to correct for mistakes. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Thank you very much for the replies.. I had no idea that was VB... boy, was she pretty there...this must have been a long time ago... I have also never seen her with such short hair before... I apologize for the link... I was hoping that just the "link" part would show up.... I don't want to offend anyone... when I realized what I did I tried to delete the post, but did not see where I could do that either.
  6. All, I would like to know if after i post a new topic- incase i posted something in error do i have the option of deleting it.? I looked around and could not find this option - that is if it exists. when i went to the help section i was greeted with "could not find" I figure it must be me. Thank you.
  7. Hello all, Can anyone tell me who this is at 6:14? I guess she must be some sort of TV or singing personality... all I know is that she is quite beautiful. Thanks.
  8. I see we have comedy here..... Sister, you picked on the wrong yank. I just happen to know who Hamish is.... I used to watch that tv show over here .. think he had a small white dog with him all the time too right? thanks for the Memories. Sleek, No, I have never tried that before.. I just do it like most of the sites I go to.. I'll try that. Thanks for the suggestions.
  9. Thanks for the replies.... I might do just that.... I think they are Designer though.
  10. I saw these in the newspaper and then finally online. I think these are beautiful. Thanks.
  11. Hmmmm,. Ok then.... I'll have to try perhaps another browser... perhaps it will be sorted out during the new upgrade. There are only a few sites that I have this issue with. thanks for the reply.
  12. Hello, From time to time I find articles that I think Folks might be interested in. The C/P does not seem to work for me here... Is there any special item that I must do? Setting? or is it simply not allowed?. I remember that I was once able to do it.. I am using W7 and the latest version of IE... which might be the issue. Thanks.
  13. Thank you very much.
  14. Hello all, Can anyone identify what shoe this is? I am not very good at this so I was hoping that someone here might be able to assist. I assume that this Is a designer shoe. I also hope I posted it in the Proper section. Thanks.
  15. I was just reading this.... so silly.