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  1. Maybe because your partner isn't really ok with it and you know it. In the end it's all about respect.
  2. i like a lot of the dresses. Do you wear them in public? what is the reaction of those around you?
  3. wxman25

    Fashion Help

    Ok i'll go shopping tomorrow. thanks for the advice
  4. wxman25

    Fashion Help

    i will have to shop around a little. Should the pants be girls or mens? I don't own any women"s pants. Neutral color would be like a beige is that correct?
  5. wxman25

    Fashion Help

    Thanks i have a Salmon (pink) shirt. I was thinking about pairing that with a pair of strappy gray wedge heels and pink toenails to match the shirt. The question is what color pants?
  6. Hello. I would like some help from those of you better than me. There is a club here in Little Rock called Discovery. It is a club thas has CD/TV/TS shows on Saturday. I'm thinking about wearing a pair of my heels there with a nice botton down shirt and slacks. I've never done this before and would love some advice. Thanks
  7. I don't know the point system. However, what did you say? You know not to piss off the MODs LOL. Everybody has an opinion it is what it is.
  8. This is one of those times; when letting everyone know you do somethoing diffrent can get a bad response. I feel people's response to your review is the same as if someone "comes out the closet". While i understand your review it was as if you felt the need to tell people you are a guy. Then you said but i have narrow feet. So in reality how would that help a guy looking at those shoes? Most guys have avg to wide feet. I have written reviews on payless in the past. The review is on the shoes not by the way i'm a guy who wears these shoes. Sorry if this upsets you.
  9. I just met a women and in between our first and second date i told her. She had a few questions and i told her everything. She says that she understands. the reason i gave her about my love of heels, she said is why she loves heels. She has kids and all that she asked me was to give it time before i spring it on them. I still havn't met her kids, but i guess it's a good sign if we are already talking about how to tell them. I think what sold her was when i said "What makes me a good boyfriend is i understand why girls have so many pairs of shoes." Time will tell how this works out.
  10. you can have a great outfit; but if the shoes arn't right. the whole look is ruined
  11. wxman25

    Been A Wile

    You have ugly mary janes nice LOL!
  12. i found these check them out http://www.payless.com/store/product/detail.jsp?catId=cat10088&subCatId=cat10284&skuId=097194075&productId=71601&lotId=097194&category=&catdisplayName=Womens
  13. Those are very girlie. i must say I'm jealous you have nice looking feet as well LOL
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