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  1. Wow Jeff!!! I haven't been on for a while, but I still love reading your Jaunts. Makes me want to smile. Keep up the good work and be happy with who you are. Congrats on having the courage to be feel to wear what you want. Latindancer
  2. welcome m'lady. i assume you must love wearing h/hs to be here. latinas seem to be more into heels in my experience. what kind of heels do you prefer? are you a dancer?

  3. I offer you, your wife and your son my most sincere apologies. After your long flight to visit the new JC Penny in the heart of Appalachia, my not offering you genuine welcome and hospitality is utterly shameful. I hope you let your son know that all men wearing great boots are not as boorish as I. I promise to do better the next time we see each other. Maybe at the new Target when it opens....
  4. Jeff Good job, my friend. Your outfit looks excellent. About the cold, you'll get use to it. I guess you took my "wear a shorter skirt" literary. Hahaha Wearing a skirt is fun, isn't it. Plus the heels to boot!!!!!! Good job. Latindancer
  5. If you want to wear whatever you want. Then a bookstore will do. You can be a guy in a dress and no one will do and say anything. It's the best place to start the day and get confidence for the rest of the day.
  6. Maybe a shorter skirt!!!! LOL Latindancer
  7. Hey JeffB, Skirt again!!!! heheehe, glad your enjoying yourself. Keep it up. Great outing. LD
  8. Hey Happyfeat, great outing and good for you. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself and being able to be who and what you want to be. Keep it up. Latindancer
  9. While I was in Hampton Roads Virginia. I decided to wear a skirt and heels. This time since it was cold I was wearing white stockings to go with it. I started at a Barnes and Noble cause they seen to be very accepting of anything. I walked the whole store and people would look and that was it. After that I went out and around the city. I stopped at a Sears were the first 2 pictures were taken. Most of the store was shocked but after that no big deal. A lot of the woman that worked there followed me around to see what I was doing. Next it was Rainbows, a store that use to have a lot of nice womens clothes but now are moving over to everyones clothes. It was a fun outing. Target, Walmart, and other places. Overall, no big deal. Latin dancer
  10. Here's some New York Pictures: First picture: Me in the subway with my heels very noticeable. Second picture: Me having my picture with New Yorks skyline at the statue of liberty island. Third picture: Me prior to going on the ship to go to the statue of liberty. It's a WW2 memorial. Fourth picture: Me at Time Square. Again New York, if your not wearing your heels and you want to, then you are missing out. No reactions and no one cares. Latindancer
  11. Happyfeat, very impressive. I am very impressed. Nice color on you toes. I especially like the cajones you had to wear sandals out with color on toes. All I like to say is "NICE". LD
  12. Got me these at the Off Broadway Warehouse Outlet at the Potomac Mills Mall in Washington, DC. So many good deals and special but only got these. http://www.dsw.com/dsw_shoes/catalog/product.jsp?index=12&category=&prodId=179571&brand=300183 They feel great. Latindancer
  13. Last Thursday was a great day. I was with my niece in New York City. My niece knows about my CDing and heeling(she's a member of this site). Well, I wanted to be a tourist in the city so, I asked her to show my around. I haven't been in the city since 1992. Well, lets just say that I told her I was going to wear my brown 3.5" thick heel brown knee high boots. Overall, nothing. I was everywhere in the city. We went to time square, where the twin towers where, the statue of liberty, rockefeller center, and other places, and no comments. I did get a ton of double looks, and while I was on the boat to the statue of liberty, everyone in the boat noticed my boots. Many tried to hide the fact that they where trying to take pictures of me in my boots. I just lifted my pants leg and let them do it. I noticed that most where embarrassed when I caught them. Overall, it was a fun day. 12 hours in high heels and boots to boot. If you are in New York City and you don't heel, then there is a problem with you. New York has seen everything and it's no big deal. Trust me when I say it's no big deal
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