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  1. Sam, I now spend all day in heels so at home whether it is work clothes or just jeans and t shirt.

  2. Heels Bare

    i love wearing stilleto sandals barefoot, particularly walking on stne or concrete. i love the sound and feel of it......and the wind against my skin Samantha
  3. cobblestones lead to one of my favourite pubs, they are tricky for any girls out on the town in heels.
  4. what heels are sexiest

    just wondered what you other girls feel most sexy in. for me wearing strappy stilettos barefoot with a classy trouser suit, walking down the street is the best. also like mules with a figure hugging black dress on occassion. Sam
  5. Strappy pumps at the office

    these heels are cool. i wouldn't wear them to work. the sexiest i wear are spiky heels with a slim ankle strap . sam
  6. Admiring women in heels

    i agree with susan i take care to make sure my whole look is professional and classy...a sexy pair of heels finishes things off with a sizzle. Samantha
  7. white or cream high heeled boots.....

    white stiletto pumps may look trashy but boots look class imho. Samantha
  8. heeltips sound

    i love the sexy click clack of my heels on the pavement walking along...yes certainly.
  9. i have a pair of white ankle-ish boots with 3.5 inch heels.....i never wore them for a while. recentl;y though coupled with blue faded jeans i wear them on nights out all the time......i feel there is something sexy and tarty about that colour in summer with jeans.....what do you guys think? Samantha
  10. Does wearing heels turn you on in any way?

    i just feel sexier and more 'me' in heels....especially when out.....there is nothing better than strutting into a bar in a pair of sexy strappy ones which click and clack.....your thighs taught from the spikes. samatha
  11. this feels so good....i am in west london...i am on my sun roof...with a two piece swim suit.......slippping into red spiky high heeled mules every so often..... Sam
  12. Saturday night.!.....on go the sexy heels.....

    saturday was fun...yes me feet were dying all day sunday....one guy in the pitcher and piano started kissing me feet towards the end of teh evening!
  13. Standing all day in heels.

    i was at a exhibiton our company put on in the docklands last year and stood for a good part of the day in 4 inch mules....not a clever choice! one of the girls in the opposite stand in similar heels and i commiserated with each other on a number of occasions on our inappropriate choice!
  14. heels at home.....

    anyone find it fun to dress seductively with perhaps a pair of spiky mules.....and have an afternoon of rest and recreation in the privacy of your own home, watching perhaps some trash tv and getting a take away? Samantha
  15. Saturday night.!.....on go the sexy heels.....

    where did you go?