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  1. Black stockings RHT's, FF's, Hold ups from SHQ.com or stocking store.com. Chocolate, barely black, grey are also nice. Sometimes just nude. Heels fit comfortable too! Smooth shaved legs also are best to have! But i love them more on my girl friends are wearing them!
  2. Been shaving mine for the last 10 years! Partly due to playing sports, having ankles taped, mountain bike racing etc. Mud hurts when its hanging from your leg hair or trying to clean up! LOL So they have been smooth for a long time! Have thought about waxing them though. Some of my female friends have told me to give it try and they would go along as well! LOL Female co-workers tell me they love the smoth legs and nice muscle definition. Lots of pro atheletes go bare too because cuts and abraisions also heal faster and are less likely to get infected due to bacteria getting into the root area
  3. Nice Pic!! I love red shoes! What did ya decide?
  4. WOW! Thanks much for the poses! You do them well!! You are a natural!! Love those pics!
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