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  1. Hi, I have the possibility to get a pair of Louboutin Sempe Monica. Does anyone of you have informations about the fit of those boots? Louboutin shoes tends to run a half size up to full size smaller, but in some cases they are true to size so it's kind of a gamble. Maybe someone can help me with informations
  2. Casadei Blade Pumps

    I have two pairs of pumps one pink satin and one red suede with golden trim. Additionally I have a pair black suede overknee boots with front zip and golden lacing and a similar pair of ankle boots. I guess i'm kind of casadei blade obsessed. The boots tend to run a little bit small so i would suggest maybe a half number up. The pumps are better especially the red suede pumps are pretty much true to size.
  3. Help Indentifiing Anyone Know ?

    They are Saint Laurent "Janis" Pumps.Source: http://www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com/2014/06/24/angelina-jolies-saint-laurent-classic-janis-platform-pumps/
  4. Louboutin Versus Van Haren

    I don't think he trademarked the color red. Maybe he can trademark red soles in some countries, in others he will only be able to trademark complete designs. The main question is "can you mistake a shoe for a louboutin" which is realy arguable, so louboutin will try it again and again. I think compared to the fight between apple and samsung this isn't so extreme