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  1. Living in Chicago in and around the downtown, North Michigan Avenue, River East and River North areas, I have not seen any man wearing heels. I’ve been out daytime, post work hours and evening, weekdays and weekends but have not seen a man in heels. Now you do occasionally come across a CD/TV wearing heels, but that has been all. If you go to some of the clubs where CD’s go, naturally you’ll see men in heels but dressed fem. Maybe I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but this has been my observation.
  2. F Y I....I was reading todays (Thursday 3/27) Chicago Tribune and on page 3 came across an ad for The Mister Shop. The ad show a one buckle High Heel. Their web site says they have been a leader over 58 years in mens fashions. The ad states they are having a preview party (free champagne & hors d'oeuvres) this weekend for "Mauri's Shoes". So if you're in the Chicago area this weekend, check them out at the North Riverside Mall. Looks like one store is going to try selling high heels for men.
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