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  1. I wouldn't use that junk on a pair of heels. You need a quality, NON-stretch vinyl /w backing. Sorry, don't have time to search for you. And yes, barge cement is perfect.
  2. I don't think it would be too difficult at all, as long as the chunky heel is the same height, and the shape matches up to the shoe properly. A wood heel could be used and shaped to match, then covered with vinyl or leather to match the shoe. It could even be painted to match (if done properly, of course). Any competent shoe repair shop should be able to do it, and would have access to many differnt shape and sizes of replacement heels.
  3. ...looks like the person modeling those needs a bit more flexibility himself!
  4. Those are cute! Who makes them? Looks like they would accept an ankle strap as well.
  5. I believe those boots were made by Hollywood Heels, but possibly The Highest Heel as those two companies share many of the same styles. They are very similar to the boots named "Ruthless" sold by Hollywood Heels, but have the addition of the chain detail. Either way, they have been discontinued for some time now and you'll have a very hard time finding them. Hollywood Heels is now going out of business after a rough year following the fire they had at the warehouse. Awesome boots though! Good luck finding them.
  6. I was going to say the same thing about potassium... eat a couple bananas each day, a glass of 1% milk, or take a good supplement vitamin. Aspirin could also help as a preventive measure by dosing before the cramping starts, follow the dosage on the bottle. Hope you have another exciting weekend (with no cramps!)
  7. ...Not sure what part you live in, but there's an Aldo store in the Haywood Mall in Greenville. And I think there may be a 9 West outlet store in Gaffney at Prime Outlets.
  8. Fetish Factory in FL still has a small shoe selection including a few ballet heels, but I don't remember seeing any "extreme" heels, but maybe I missed them. Junkman's Daughter in Atlanta has a decent selection including ballets (at least the last time I was there). Most lingerie/adult stores sells shoes as well, mostly overpriced, and not sure what size range they may have.
  9. The Junkman's Daughter in Atlanta had a few pair of Devious ballet heels on display (in a locked glass case), and a little sign on the front stated a $50 deposit required to try them on! HA! They were overpriced anyway... Although I love the shoe section of that store. It's on an upper level shaped like a high heel where you have to walk up the stairs as if you are walking up the insole of the shoe. I'll have to take a pic next time we're down that way.
  10. +1 ^^ A small luggage lock works great, and many times can be bought in pairs or even a 4-6 pack all keyed alike. The shoes will not come off unless you destroy the strap or cut the lock. Here's a few (old) pics of my ex locked in heels: #1 is from a cheesy photoshoot we did before I knew anything about lighting, and #2 is from a halloween party (5.5" heels, and I left the key at home)
  11. Thought about it, but instead cut the heel about 3/8-1/2" shorter. I did this about 2 weeks ago and can now walk around in them SO much easier. One reason I did not add the platform is the fact that I wanted the boots to look unmodified, and felt that an added platform would probably look like a hack job since I do plan on wearing them out to fetish parties this year. We'll see how that goes in May. search down a bit, there's another thread about adding the platform. no pics right now, but the mod is pretty much undetectable and for the most part flawless. Besides, the heel should have been made this length in the first place!
  12. Not sure what you consider "extreme", but I don't own a single pair with heels measuring less than 5.75" without plats, and 6-7" heel with 1-2" plats. Of course I don't wear them on a daily basis, but whenever we go out to a fetish club night I'll wear them for several hours and typically refuse to take them off even though my feet will be quite sore in some of them. Insoles are a must have! The Ellie 6" heels (8261) don't get worn outside the house....yet. But I can manage them for a few hours at home walking a bit and sitting even more.
  13. Isn't that an old video? eh...maybe not. Her videos and photos are all wonderful, but I wonder how she appreciates someone grabbing screen shots from her videos intended for members only and re-hosting them, then posting to public forum? At least the website watermark is still intact. Edit: oh... just realized this thread is over 3 YEARS OLD!
  14. esnipe.com is the only way I've bid on anything for the past several years unless it's a "Buy it Now" at a good price. I think it cost $.01 on the dollar for each auction, but it will certainly pay for itself over and over again. So it's not freeware, but it works perfectly; and if you can't afford that, then you probably don't need to be bidding on anything anyway. Good luck..... go win the next auction!
  15. a single pair of latex stockings does the trick too And they'll last for years if treated with care.
  16. devab


    I'm in upstate SC, but travel to Charlotte occasionally for fetish parties. Asheville as well. And Tryon for coffee on some weekends
  17. I have no idea why.... but I just love seeing wedding photos like this one! If I ever re-marry, we would probably incorporate latex and heels in a fashionable, publically acceptable sort of way.
  18. sorry, I haven't tried these personally as I prefer to have nice heel attached. But Karo does some really nice styles which we will actually have available on the website soon. These sell for about $223.50 if your interested in trying them and posting a review...
  19. I think it's been repeated in several previous posts, but flexibility is not the only thing you need to achieve if you desire to actually walk in very high heels. I would recommend purchasing the heels you wish to walk in, and practice at home. You need to become flexible in the ankle and toes, as well as build ankle and calf and foot strength to be able to walk in them. The foot trainers by Marquis are quite nice indeed, but i think a youtube search for ballet pointe exercises would be more helpful.
  20. The latest info I have (from 5 mins ago) is that the only styles currently available are Elegant, Enticing, and Bardot in Black, Silver, or Gold. We currently do not have these listed on our website, but may be motivated to do so if anyone interested in them. The hollywood heels website will be down until late November most likely, which is the time new pproducts will be arriving. They'll be back with many new styles, so we're all looking forward to what they have planned!
  21. 10 miles? that's a loooooooooong walk in heels! I think my first recommendation would be the Delight-667. That shoe has a soft cushioned insole, 1 peice molded platform/heel, a closed heel, and criss-cross straps. That shoe will certainly offer the most support and comfort. With a nice rubber non-slip heel pad and some moleskin to protect the top of your toes you should be good to go! 2nd choices would be between the delight-609, kiss-209, and Lip-109. Those are also all 1 peice platforms with padded insoles. But the ankle strap does not offer too much support...at least for a 10 mile walk! My last choice would be the Candy-09 because you will experience more flex in the heel due to a 2 peice design. On top of that, that heel is not contoured correctly for optimal support (notice how the shank is not centered under the heel, but is more towards the edge). I am also not a fan of the angled sole of the platform. But that may be just personal preference because find them kinda weird to walk in. And lastly, no cushioned insole which will become uncomfortable, also cause more slippage and could lead to more blisters. oh, and the seduce-208 will have a bit of flex in the heel, offers no cushion, has a hard plastic sole compared to a rubber sole on the others, and although I LOVE a steep arch, these would not be too good for a 10 mile walk. Good luck!! Sounds like a great event to take part in. (and a GREAT excuse to walk in heels)
  22. Barge cement is commonly used for shoe repair, and many other uses. It will remain slightly flexible when dry, unlike Gorilla glue or super glue. do a google search for it. here's some links: http://www.worldathleticshoes.com/bargeglue.html http://www.showtimedanceshoes.com/product_reviews.php/cPath/17/products_id/458
  23. sometimes using a little silicone lube on the top of your toes will help, and even the bottom of ONLY your little toe. Try not to get it all over otherwise your whole foot will be sliding around. This helps your toes move into position instead of getting cramped in one spot. And of course wear them around the house as much as possible to stretch them out a bit. Hope you have a good time at the Fetish Weekend, we'll be missing it this year
  24. The actual height will depend on your shoe size. If you wear a size 12, they should be at least right at 7", and probably a little easier to walk in than the Scream heels, but still have a very steep arch. The only sizes currently available in the FETISH-11 are 7,8,9 unless howcool is stocking all styles now, which I doubt they are. Personally, I like the fetish-11's a LOT more than the scream-01's.
  25. All of the Bordello heels are available in sizes 6-12, but I do wish they went to at least 13 which would be great for many of the male heel lovers. A run of sizes 5-14 would be ideal, but I'm not holding my breath. We don't have the Bordello line live on the site just yet, but if anyone would like to inquire about pricing or sizes, I'd be glad to help out. My personal favorites: Teeze-06 and Teeze-07 in Black Patent, and the Teeze-05 in Red Patent.
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