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  1. And yet another one...Although much more tragic than the others. My condolences to her family and friends. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Megan-Moore-Girl-Dies-After-Falling-Under-Train-At-Angmering-Station-West-Sussex/Article/200911415463845?lpos=UK_News_Carousel_Region_2&lid=ARTICLE_15463845_Megan_Moore%3A_Girl_Dies_After_Falling_Under_Train_At_Angmering_Station%2C_West_Sussex Yet another article showing the biased journalistic talents in the world today. I personally doubt that her choice of footwear had anything to do with her death. My money's on foot placement. I wasn't there but believe she may have simply placed a foot between the train and the platform. The article states she was trying to tap on the train's window, while running along side, as it pulled away. She was probably reaching out her arm and running directly along the gap. A single mis-step is all it would take. Truly tragic.
  2. My BF seems to be developing the 70's retro look. Now days, men's fashions tend to be rather conservative. I feel sorry for guys because the fashions are seem boxy and drab. Bell bottoms, colorful print shirts and platforms need to make a comeback. At least Detroit is bringing back the muscle cars of days gone by. Now all we need is NY, Paris, Milan, etc. to wake up to retro!

  3. Thank you for your thread in the For The Gals section about your BF wearing your jeans and heels! Nice to hear a real gal's viewpoint, especially a positive one! Us guys NEED more women like you in this world!

  4. kikepa, I don't know where you're coming from here. I don't see anything in this thread about "Males getting their rocks..." There is only one reference to arousal and that was posted by a self-reporting female. At no point is there any other greater sexual reference. These stories are indicating that there are some of us who enjoy the more challenging aspects of wearing high heels in unusual places. This is just like any sport where conquering the feat instills a sense of accomplishment. There is a rush associated with this accomplishment but not necessarily a sexual rush. And for those who do experience a sexual rush it's not greatly identified in this thread. Perversion on the other hand, is defined by dictionary.com as "any of various means of obtaining sexual gratification that are generally regarded as being abnormal." How is enjoying a good challenge perverted if there is no sexual gratification? To me, an example of perversion would be pleasuring one's self while watching little boys or girls playing in a schoolyard - that's just sick. But the wearing of high heels is much different! Many people either gain sexual stimulation from JUST the wearing or visual cue of high heels. Males in general, are psychologically sexually stimulated by the sight of a woman in high heels - they are an attraction and symbolic of sexual power in many regards. This is one of the many reasons women wear them. And as mentioned here, and in other posts on this site, there are women who experience stimulation from wearing them as well. Does this then show perversion? It's more like fetishism. As for allowing your 9 year old son to read this site, that's a personal decision you have chosen to allow. Yes, this site is mostly PG-13 but your son is nine, not 13. If you are concerned about the content presented here I would suggest you keep his access more controlled until he is actually 13 and is more emotionally prepared to deal with some of the interesting and thought provoking interests presented. I don't allow my 6 year old son access here and I also do not present this site to my 11 or 16 year old daughters who both know I wear heels openly. Sincerely, Shoeiee
  5. Topsy, I LOVE your stories and can TOTALLY relate!! I've got a couple you might enjoy I went to college at a school in the mountains. It was wonderful during the winters!! All the snow and ice on nothing but sloped surfaces!! :-) Anyway, I used to spend many hours on a scenic highway which had many walking trails and visitor attractions - colonial era mansions, horse barns, hiking paths of natural rock. All were very challenging when dry and in 5.5" to 6" stilettos even moreso!! But add 1/2" layer of ice and snow I can't even count how many times I fell! (Or how many heels I broke out there!!!!!) Something that's rather fun to do at home - Tile floors and cooking oil One house we lived in had these 1'x1' tiles in the kitchen and den area. I used to take the Crisco oil, pour a decent amount on the floor and then try to walk - again in 6" heels. Just trying to stand was fun!! Along the same lines I used to have a 4'x4' sheet of lexan at my disposal. One of the things I used to do was put motor oil on the lexan and then try to walk. Through use of various brands of oil I rapidly learned of the huge quality differences between them and have used Valvoline ever since!! There's no conventional oil that's slipperier and maintains it's viscosity better!! At one point I used to live north of Chicago. The BEST thing about up there is all the iced over shallows. Little streams ran through a local park and I happen to enjoy ice skating...And heels... I used to put on a pair of 3" heels inside my skates and skate around. LOTS of fun!! (Until I broke through one day and literally froze the skates and pant legs SOLID!!) Couldn't remove them until I got back in the car and thawed them out. Thank goodness for blade guards! Anyways, I hope to hear more of your stories as they are nearly identical to my personal liking and experiences. To me the greatest joy of high heels is the challenge they present and taking them off-road or in other very challenging situations is a thrill like no other!
  6. WELCOME NCHEELS!! I LOVE (western) NC!! I'm currently in Hampton Roads, VA but try to visit NC whenever I get the chance. I went to school in Boone for a few years and my heart never left the mountains! Where in NC are you if you don't mind?? I think you'll find a very supportive group of people here at hhplace. I've been here since the beginning and visit regularly even though I don't post too much. Fell free to look around, share some good conversation and enjoy the freedom of knowing you're not alone!
  7. Interesting story but seriously flawed comparison... Identical twins, yes...Identical feelings and sensation - Probably not... What I feel they should have done was have each of them wear one of each manufacturer's items for a real-world, direct comparison. Expensive on one foot and cheap on the other. Side by side. THAT would have been a valid research project in my mind...
  8. Interesting story but seriously flawed comparison... Identical twins, yes...Identical feelings and sensation - Probably not... What I feel they should have done was have each of them wear one of each manufacturer's items for a real-world, direct comparison. Expensive on one foot and cheap on the other. Side by side. THAT would have been a valid research project in my mind...
  9. Beegirl, WELCOME to the HHPlace!! Your story is very nice and I, for one, appreciate sharing your experience with us all. It is good to hear you are accepting of your husband's fetish and, through your acceptance, I hope it brings many years of happiness to you both! You are both so lucky to be the same size shoe. My wife and I are very different sizes so 'sharing' is not an option. But it is nice when we can find matching pairs of heels and wear them out together For you to be able to purchase shoes for him, knowing they'll fit from trying them on yourself, is a great advantage you have!! I am sorry to hear of the concern for him to wear heels publicly in your country. That is certainly sad but I'm sure, with a little bit of caution, you can find somewhere he can express himself without too much trouble. (You list your country as rsa so I's guessing former Russia??) Again, thank you for sharing your experiences and feelings here. Please invite him to join us as as well, as there is much to learn from like-minded people here at HHPlace.org!!
  10. What an awesome day at work!! Wish I had a job similar to that As for the restaurant, I would recommend a heel meet to be held there JUST to tweak HER Imagine the reaction she'd have to 5 to 10 guys walking in wearing 5" stilettos
  11. Shoeiee


    Well, VERY nice boots to be sure!! After watching the videos of this group on YT I'm not sure I want to be classified in the same grouping as the lead singer...Very...ummm...different?? Not only that but he can't sing and the band was not very good musically... On the plus side, they can keep a tempo, the chicks were HOT and the heels were VERY NICE!! :-)
  12. Henri, Was this an employee of the VA Hospital?? If so I would LOVE to know which one!! I, too, visit the VA somewhat regularly and have yet to eet a male heeler there.
  13. stilettoscot, Would it be possible to edit the pic and repost?? I am curious as to what these boots look like... Thank you
  14. My guess would be batch addressing/filling of various forms used in business. One of the features integrated into MS Office is the ability to merge data from a MS Access DB into MS Word or Excel to generate form letters that are personalized using various fields from the DB. This simplifies the task of mass mailing and form letter personalization. You can further exploit this ability to generate batches of invoices, advertisements, Christmas cards and more. That's my guess but I've never heard that specific term. Good luck with the job search!!
  15. Roni, THAT was an AWESOME outing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where in the WORLD do YOU LIVE!! I WANT TO MOVE THERE!!! To have SO many POSITIVE and FUN reactions to - 5" STILETTOS - is INCREDIBLE!!! WWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!
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