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  1. Yes I do wish I was wearing them, but unfortunately she is a size 6.5 and I am a size 10 so its a no go on sharring. However that just allows me to get my own pairs. Once in a while I will get the same style she has, but most of my shoes are styles that I pick out.
  2. Here are a few of my wife's heels. Seems like weddings are a good place to get photos. http://s1079.photobu...526_N1_crop.jpg http://s1079.photobu...LY8075_crop.jpg http://s1079.photobu...LY8097_crop.jpg http://s1079.photobu...007031_crop.jpg http://s1079.photobu...908087_crop.jpg http://s1079.photobu...508033_crop.jpg http://s1079.photobu...G_7335_crop.jpg http://s1079.photobu...G_7362_crop.jpg W
  3. Hello, I am a big fan of heels and also enjoy pushing the envelope of fashion.
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