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  1. Jealous! those oxfords look totally cute! I've been looking for a pair for myself, it's hard to shop for size 13 lol
  2. those pics you have up are very nice! You have great legs!
  3. those are some good looking heels! I just LOVE the Nine West wedges you have there. What size are you?
  4. I'm in the same boat as you, but I'm 6'4"! way too tall for heels in public.
  5. I really wanted to get that pair but they didn't have my size!
  6. I am certainly not happy with my foot size! I can get away wearing a 12, but 13 is more my size. I would love dropping down to a 9-10 so I could get a better variety!
  7. So now that I've had them for a few days, I can give some feedback! The Brash sling backs fit perfectly, I tightened up the strap and I have to say they are quite nice to walk around in! My last heeling sessions being so long ago, I can go about 15 minutes walking before my feet need a break lol. The Christian Siriano shooties are a little tighter on my feet and you can feel the height definitely, but they look so....sexy. I think after wearing them a little they will stretch out. Wish I had a nice skirt or trouser to pair with them! Here are a few photos of them! let me know what you all think of the photos!
  8. they are the black ones! such a sexy and simple heel! I'll post pics of both tomorrow!
  9. after being away from heels for the longest time, a visit to the payless website the other day sucked me right back in so I have these lovely pairs of heels arriving tomorrow, and since I have the day off, I'll be modeling them with some stockings and tights I also bought! Christian Siriano Brash Slingbacks
  10. Those are really nice looking, Danielp!
  11. I saw this on tv earlier! I almost cried when they sliced into the Louboutins!
  12. Wow, both of those outfits look really great, Happyfeat! I love to hear about all your adventures heeling out and about!
  13. Definitely right about that, Happyfeat!
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