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  1. I voted stiletto with clank,but anything with at least a 4" heel is nice to me.
  2. Not for me,I'm a classic strappy stiletto sandal man,but if you like them and can afford them ,go for it and enjoy them.
  3. Dont feel guilty,after all,you would not feel guilty staring at any other beautiful,captivating work of art,would you?.I know exactly what you mean though,but Im sure they wear sexy heels to catch our attention,as well as the great feeling they give to wear.Everyone wins.
  4. Just about all my heels have smooth plastic like soles with tiny treads and seem to slip much more easily on most surfaces than my (boring) man shoes.Admittedly,they are not expensive high end types and some may be considered cheap.Do any of you have a similar situation?.
  5. Any flat shoe is boring to me,which means pretty much all mens shoes are boring (to me).Sandals are my favourites,providing they have at least 4" of heel.The excitment level is proportional to heel height,the higher the heel ,the more exciting.
  6. This can be a risky business,'specially for part time wearers.Depends on the size of the step and its material.All my heels are 4.5 - 5" and the soles are smooth plastic,so slipping is a real possibility.I would use the handrails if they are available,just to be safe.Ramps can also be tricky if they are slippery and the angle is abit steep,going up or down can be "exciting".Lets be careful out there.
  7. okay. Will do!

  8. Wearing heels does sort of bring out the feminine side,but I love the ladies and they look absolutely stunning in sexy heels,there is a god!.
  9. Mostly,just seems the right thing to do.Any time in heels is a good time.
  10. Strickly indoors or in car or around the block in the dark late at night in quiet area.
  11. If I had the guts to wear sexy heels in public,I would love people to look,but only have positive comments,would be heavenly.It would be an absolute nightmare for me to be in public and be ridiculed.It can be a cruel world out there.
  12. Good for you!,that would be awesome.
  13. Hi,Im on that yahoo site now and have posted some pics.(Slippery Situations Album)If you get time,take a look.I'd like to see what you think.

  14. High heels look,feel and sound fantastic.I think they are one of mans greatest creations.They make me feel soooo good and no way should the girls have exclusive rights (man ,they look good in them too).They add a new and wonderful dimension to an otherwise average life.
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