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  1. Hi; Wow! one hundred pair. I have thirteen. I love the Nine West classic pumps, "Goodnews" and the "Tabera" - Black patent leather. My favorite. When ever I wear them at work or going out, I feel so sexy and feminine and I know it makes the guys look more then twice. I do have regular flats such as the Steve Madden Skorch and Tama flats and wear them after a few hours of being in heels, because I don't want the arches of my feet to contract. I have heard of women who wear high heels all the time that they can no long wear flat shoes or even go bare footed. I won't let that happen to me. Chunky heels or platform heels are just a waste of money as far as I am concerned. You look more like marching rather than walking in them. Ugh. But to each their own. Classic pumps will always be around because of the feminine and sexy look. A a well fitting pair will give a woman good foot control when walking and make her look really classy and dressy. Katlyn

  2. Hi; I am a new member and would like to know how to join the Classic Pumps group. Also, what is the term "Bronze Member" mean? There is very little information on how to navigate this site. Katlyn

  3. Why not go to a place where no one knows you, wearing your panties and with "dark" panty hose, under your pants and with low or medium heels? Continue to dress as a man in the rest of your clothing. Then quietly go to a mall and casualy walk around. Walk with a confident and relaxed manner and you will see that most people do not notice you are wearing heels, you will begin to feel more comfortable in public with them. Do not start off with higher heels, (anything over 2-1/2 inches high), as this will get people to notice you, if you are not experienced already in wearing them. Dark hose removes the contrast between your heels and your feet, so what you are wearing is not so apparent. Go out first when there are not so many people around, or better yet, when the malls are very crowded. People are to much pre occupied with their own concerns to notice what you are wearing. Those that may notice you in your highheels, will probably not say anything to you. But, if someone does ask you why you are wearing highheel shoes, simply tell them the truth. You are very comfortable wearing them, they are enjoyable to you and you believe that men should wear them if they want to and you see nothing wrong in doing so. Once you are relaxed and confident you will begin to lose your self consciousness and begin to wear them everywhere with pride. It will take a while, but it will happen. But, in the off hand chance that you meet someone you know, just joke about it and say you made a bet with someone that you could walk around in highheels and no one would care. And in reality, you are right. Society is beginning to accept the fact that men and women like to wear each others clothing. Thousand of men wear woman's thong panties, pantyhose, and other garments, but it's all under clothing so it's easy to get away with. But highheel shoes or flatties for that matter, is another thing, because you can't hide it. And why should you? Just because other people object or don't like it, why should it affect you? It's their problem not yours.
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