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  1. I did not consider that concern but I would point out this is a forum for guys to talk about wearing womens shoes, so I am assuming a certain level openness here. I will say though if someone did want to elaborate on it I would be more than happy to discuss it in a private message here or an email.
  2. I like that way you put that! They do have a FU attitude and is the most magnetic part about them for me anyway Thanks for mentioning this and I assume you are right. I have always been compelled to wear them and it is extremely sexual for me. I also love to see my wife in them but her passion for them does not match mine. I agree on the long hair and nails as well which my wife has but the nails are fake! I agree completely! Why do they have so many more options? Just not fair
  3. The desire to wear them is among my first memories. I put them on for the first time around 6 years old. My Moms were actually too big for me then but quickly outgrew them. Been collecting and purging since! Also very much in love with nylons!
  4. I agree completely Chorlini I was very relieved to find out in the early 90's I am not alone with my desires. I do have the desire to wear them out but only as a cross dresser which I doubt I will ever do. I have also never seen a guy out in public in heels but I have worn out unisex sandals and womens flat sandals at night out of town and alone!
  5. yes that has been my experience as well. I go up one size for pumps or boots. Thanks for the input
  6. Thanks for all the responses! I was born in the early 70's so my original desires are for heels of that era but they are rarely made over a size 10. I out grew my collection of stolen shoes from my Mom by age 12 (which I am sure she was relieved!) but luckily by the early 90's payless started selling womens shoes in 12 and got me back into business. I have only recently experimented with fully dressing but have learned that I really enjoy that there are people out there that enjoy seeing me wear my heels. That has added a whole new level.
  7. Just curious what other kinks folks have that drew them to wearing heels. I know I felt the urge from my first memory and have evolved over the years on how I act that out. Would love to hear about others stories if you feel like sharing.
  8. Hello, I would think the answer to this question is on this board but I have not found a direct answer so far. I have never ordered from Onlymaker before and want to see if I should order a 14 or a 15. I wear a mens US12 and can wear most Torrid brands sandals that are 12W I normally get Pleaser sandals in 14 and closed toe in 15. Thanks in advance for any tips
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