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  1. Hi all I was wondering does anyone know which female celebs wear the highest heels without platforms thanks
  2. so you went mountain climbing in high heels can I ask why
  3. hi all I was wondering how popular are mules heels I cant remember the last time I saw a lady wearing mules in public any thoughts thanks jason
  4. Hi all I was wondering what's is the strangest thing you have done or seen someone do in high heels ie tried to play sports or run things like that the strangest thing I have seen is the lady who run the London marathon in high heels thanks jason
  5. hi all I was wondering does anyone know wich celeb wears the highest heels not counting lady gaga thanks jason
  6. Hi all heres one then when was the last time you saw a lady wearing thigh high boots in public thanks Jason
  7. Hi thanks for your reply when you are wearing them do you get many comments from other ladies and if so are they nice comments thanks jason
  8. hi all one for the ladies I was wondering whats the highest heels without a platform you have ever worn in public and where was you going thanks jason
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