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  1. I prefer outside the boot...just so the toe and heel show. It makes my feet appear shorter too !!!
  2. Just bought a pair of Naturalizer "Glassy" Knee high boots. They run alittle narrow, but never the less, fit great and are so comfortable. With the 3" stacked heel, no one even notices. I love the round toe, thus making my size 12, look a lot shorter. Great with jeans !!!
  3. Happy Birthday !!!

  4. I fully agree...Do away with the womens/mens thing and just market them as "shoes or boots" with both womens and mens sizes on the box. Make it all one "shoe" department. But it needs to start at the manufacturing level so the product is labelled appropriately first...then the stores can realign their department areas accordingly. Simple rearranging things on the shelves is all it takes. This would greatly help break down that gender barrier. More men would be willing to "come out of the closet" for say...and enjoy any style shoe produced...same for the women.
  5. Why is it, that high heel shoe and boot makers list the size only in womens? If the manufacturers wanted to broaden their markets, they could mark the men's size on the box (and put it in the men's section)...therefore once society would see that the market is for men too, the stereotype (women's shoe) may be lessened and be more acceptable to men wearing high heels. I don't know any women with size 13 feet. Or am I wet behind the ears...just saying???
  6. moldbuildr


    I own 2 pairs of blacks. I think black goes with any outfit and it is just down right sexy looking. Also it doesn't get alot of attention, if you don't really want it. That makes me happy !!
  7. I'm 6' 5" tall without heels. Still can't figure why I want to be taller in heels ??? But I just love the feel....
  8. I love those style boots. I think Black is the best color choice.
  9. moldbuildr

    Toe type

    I prefer the round toe. It makes your foot look shorter and with heels..that's just an awesome look under jeans.
  10. Happy New Year to you all and be safe !!!
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