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  1. I got my Naughty Monkey pumps today! Prettiest little things in the world! Wish the black patent with pink strap would have been $34.95, but it was $79.99, so i got the red patent with gold straps. http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o47/pumpedup_2007/PB190023.jpg http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o47/pumpedup_2007/PB190029.jpg http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o47/pumpedup_2007/PB190036.jpg Wondering if instead of buying a new pair of pumps, if i could hang out with president bush, and some woman will throw a nice pair at him? I could run over and collect them. I could get a good pair of Louboutins or Blahniks, perhaps. Wouldn't it be great if Imelda Marcos was young, and a reporter? What if she was mad at chimpy? How many, out of her 60,000+ pairs, could she have thrown? Does she wear an 8.5M? Does she have any stiletto peeptoes in pink patent?
  2. Now, here are pics of my Paris Hilton pumps that i got for $15.99 a pair on amazon.com. The pump is called "Crush". I got the pink patent pair and a red pair. I love them both! They feel pretty great! I think it was someone who frequents amazon.com that said they bought a pair and returned them because the heel was coming off. Well, i've only had mine for 4 days, and they feel pretty sweet! I felt like wearing socks, by the way.. http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o47/pumpedup_2007/wowbaby/PB120162.jpg http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o47/pumpedup_2007/wowbaby/PB120189.jpg http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o47/pumpedup_2007/wowbaby/PB120192.jpg http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o47/pumpedup_2007/wowbaby/PB120196.jpg
  3. I went to Dillards and got my Gianni Bini pumps, and it's interesting to know that they are made in Brazil! I haven't seen any pumps made there since the early 90's, when Nine West pumps were made there. I prefer "Made in" to be ANYWHERE but China! With all the lead and everything in their products, we'll probably have to have our feet amputated someday.
  4. I REALLY like that Jessica Simpson "Rocker" pump! The zipper adds something very interesting and unique to them. I will check out the local DSW here in Las Vegas and see if they have any in stock!
  5. Howdy. Nope, doesn't come in wide. Just medium. Shoe manufacturers need to make shoes available for all foot sizes. All i see mostly are medium with designer shoes.
  6. As i mentioned the other day, i fell in love with this pump, the "Marching Orders" pump by Naughty Monkey. Unfortunately, amazon.com has some screwy prices, based on SIZE, and COLOR. No particular brand and style of shoe is the same price. Very weird! I was going to buy the black patent with the pink highlights/strap, but that is $79.99 for size 8.5, which is my size. It is $39.98 for 6.5, which is not my size. Weird huh? Anyway, i ordered the red patent, for $23.99 plus about $4.99 shipping. Could not get the FREE super saver shipping, because the shoe isn't $25.00 and above. Anyway, here's a few pics. Pretty little shoe, nonetheless!
  7. Found out that it happened again, but it's even worse!! I went to buy the Naughty Monkey "Marching Orders" pump in black patent/pink about an hour ago, and they are $39.98 for size 6.5, but $79.99 for size 8.5, which is my size! CRAZY! One of the other colors, white patent/black patent, is also priced differently, depending on size. The red patent, and the black patent, are all the same price, $23.99, no matter which size! I ordered the red patent, BUT i don't get the FREE super saver shipping, because it has to be $25.00 or over! blahhhhhhhhhh! Amazon is one crazy website!!
  8. hi! I LOVE the Jessica Simpson oxford, and the Nine West oxford!! Beautiful style! I am ordering my Naughty Monkey pumps today! Hopefully they won't take too long to get here. In a few weeks, the sale will be off, but i don't care. I will buy all 4 colors of the Naughty Monkey "Marching Orders" pump! HOT HOT HOT!
  9. She wears a size 11??? wow! She's got big feet. I like dainty women. I don't prefer tall women, so supermodels aren't my cup of tea. Paris is a model, but not a supermodel, so she's ok in my book.
  10. For those who wanna add even MORE shoes to their collection, amazon.com is having a sale!! UP TO 80% off on shoes! HOT ones, too! This is on my list of things to buy today or tomorrow. Naughty Monkey mary jane style pump. I LOVE the colors! http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o47/pumpedup_2007/B00000034.jpg http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o47/pumpedup_2007/B00000036.jpg http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o47/pumpedup_2007/B00000039.jpg it will only cost about $39, because they have FREE shipping on lots of brands/styles, including this one! So check 'em out at amazon.com!!
  11. But she is still an adult! It's not like you're admiring a 16 year old. She's a grown woman. No need to feel guilty, Unless you are STALKING her!?!?!? muuahahahahaha!!! Something you are trying to tell us???? muahahahahah!!!
  12. What you said, about the price of some shoes going so low, is very true. Sometimes, it's just a cost cutting move because the shoes didn't sell. I went to Dillards back in February, and bought the Jessica Simpson "Henri" pump for only $18.00! That pump is SWEET! I don't know why it sold at Dillards for so cheap. If you go to some online sites (shoes.com, endless.com, zappos.com, etc..) you will find "Henri" for about $59 or less. As for the Paris Hilton line of shoes, they usually are up there, between $50 and $80 at each site i've been to. They're sellling, i'm sure. There should be a site, to see how well a particular shoe is selling. That would be cool. The pumps should arrive on friday. I'll post pics and let you know about them.
  13. Oh that's another fine choice! Paris Hilton would be the choice for me! Or Alexis Bledel! Or a thousand other famous female celebs!
  14. Hello. I always had a thing for Paris Hilton, the celebrity. That being said, when she released her line of shoes, i just had to have a few pair of her "Crush" pump. There's nothing really to the pump, i guess. It just looks like a basic almond-toe pump, with an elongated vamp, so many in the shoe biz would call this pump a "Pointy toe" pump. So, recently i tried to find her "Crush" pump, and boy did i!!! At amazon.com, there they are, in all their glory! Regular price is about $80, but on amazon.com, they sell for a whopping $15.99 a pair, but for only a few select colors. So if you like the pump and want to order some colors, go to amazon.com and see which colors you like and order some. There is one color that is called "blue degraded patent" that still has the $80 price tag, but all of the other colors are millions of dollars less! I ordered the pink patent and the red leather.
  15. Oh i know what you mean! Nothing more needs to be said, only thought! To be in the closet of a hot celeb like J.A., around all her shoes and purses! it would be Heavenly!!
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