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  1. Go to love KG's killer heels and very comfy to wear I'm told.
  2. Carol Vorderman's Louboutins on a TV show the other week.
  3. Think the style of shoe is Louboutin Catwoman.
  4. Great find on youtube of Julie Benz in killer Louboutins from the movie Boondock Saints 2
  5. I thought the same at first but when you see then worn they become real head turners!
  6. A friend sent me a couple of photos of her KG Eleanor heels, so I thought I'd share.
  7. I don't think that design works that well at all. Bit of a Louboutin Fail for me. Horses for courses though.
  8. Thank you for the blog and gallery comments; takes one to know one, eh!

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