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  1. Seeker

    First experience - seeking help

    Sorry for the delay in answer. Thank you for information, HappyinHeels, but i think my "mission" is complete (at least for so far). I just want to thank all members of this community who replied in this thread coz your advices and kind words were the part of motivation that made me to do what i did. Best wishes! I made some new screens of better quality and posted them as feedback on ali and i am linking them here in case someone interested:
  2. Seeker

    First experience - seeking help

    Well, just want to left some final feedback in this thread... I finally did it! Still dont believe it, but i did it. :-D I ordered this ones. I know their analog (from ali) i showed in this thread before looks more interesting, but this are the only fetish shoes i could find in my size there. I took US15 (foot length ~29.5cm) and they fit nicely. As for the quality - no visible defects, but they dont have any brand/manufacturer imprints and look kind of rough - like artisanal production, not like professional one. Not sure if they match their money or not - its my first order and i am in no way a shoe expert. The heel height is 19cm - i really overestimated my abilities to walk in them, but i repeated my child experience - i put some handkerchiefs under the toes creating some kind of the small platform and the situation had become much better - now i can at least more or less walk in them w/o holding the walls. Still as i said walking is not so importatint for me, just describing my experience. I am attaching some photos - sorry for the quality - i have cheap phone with bad camera.
  3. Seeker

    First experience - seeking help

    Thanks, pebblesf. So i suppose the only option left for me is to monitor various online shops in hopes to find heels with both right design AND right (available) sizes. Dunno if its possible or how much time it would take. So far i found another "killer heels" with possibly my sizes. May be someone knows something about this model or seller in whole? I am confused a bit coz they are a bit different (imho) on seller screens and user pics in feedback section. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/FETISH-6-inch-EXTREME-HEEL-Funtasma-high-heel-ballet-shoes-Sexy-Patent-Heels-Halloween-ballet-shoes/32797271197.html
  4. Seeker

    First experience - seeking help

    Thanks to all for your input! Its really warm and friendly community here! And yes - your answers made me think that i forgot to write in my first post some more bits of information... 1. I am not going to public - only at home for "internal use". And also - not much walking either. As bootlover78 noticed they are mostly for sitting and laying, but who cares - you all probably know that its all about "feeling" they give, not about actual using "by appointment". 2. I am not going actually try to collect shoes - all i want - thats one "ideal" shoes, "heroes" as bootlover78 noticed. Yeah, may be they could be a disappointment, but i would be satisfied enough about they design and right size. 3. Also i forgot to mention that i HAD high heels wearing experience. Just dont loud too hard now! :-D In my childhood (around 16-18 years) i weared my mother's 9 or 10 cm kneel boots, but even in those times i thought that their heel height is too small for me, so i put some crumpled rags under heel to create higher height and tied up the boots with belts for sustain. Yeah, may be sound stupid and this "construction" definitely looked stupidly from a side, but nevertheless it fullfilled its function - actual heel height was about 14cm or even more - dunno now for sure. That's why i am seeking 6 inch now - i "think" i could wear them. 4. I am from Russia. And this creates some limits for my buying - i cant go myself to shoe shops (honestly i wouldnt go even i could) and local online shops i checked only offer resaling of popular common brands like pleaser, devious, etc. 5. And about sizing... Yeah, i saw such guides about shoe measuring, but the problem that different size tables gives different results. I hoped that someone here has exactly my size and could share personal experience.
  5. Greetings to all. I am not sure if its the right forum to ask this, but i hope you'll give me an advice or at least redirect me to the right place. My story is simple - i have a high heels fetish "feelings" from the childhood, but due to various (probably obvious) reasons never could "realize" it. Now, i am over 30 years old and have an opportunity to buy (at least to try) heels online, but there are some problems and i describe them below. 1. I never bought shoes online. Dont know what to expect from various shops. 2. Dont know what size should i get. My foot length is 30 cm and usual footwear size about 45-46 EUR. 3. Probably should mention that i am only insterested in 6 inch (14-16cm) heels w/o platforms (single soles). Here are some examples of models i like, but since i have never seen them "live" i could only evaluate them by pictures/video. http://www.orientvisual.com/6inchforever/shoepage.php?querytype=id&searchstring=V16SA http://www.fuss-schuhe-shop.de/epages/64752260.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64752260/Products/Pumps-602-2443-nero http://www.elite-heels.com/shop/product_info.php?info=p190_Classic-High-Heels-Pumps-Ultra-II.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Women-sexy-red-black-patent-leather-pointed-toe-16-cm-extreme-super-thin-high-heels-pumps/32773117239.html 4. Also i am kinda limited in money. Probably aliexpress example above is the most suitable variant, but there is still question about size. Well, something like this. I hope you can give me some answers.
  6. Well, i think there are similar, but not the same imho. I would think they something like this (but i am not sure): http://nu-highheels.com/items_Officewear/Brittany.html
  7. No, i am asking about online shop, which sells such pumps.
  8. I wonder... Could enyone tell me what are these 6" pumps, shown in this video? I mean where is possible to buy them? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybzvQjxKtTc&feature=related
  9. By the way... Speaking about virtual heels. You know recently i found an interesting mod for the one RPG game, that adds very good-looking high heels into the game. Here are the links to some pictures: http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/fms/Image.php?id=33572 http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/fms/Image.php?id=33571 http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/fms/Image.php?id=33569 http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/fms/Image.php?id=33570
  10. Seeker

    walking on 6inch heels

    Well, thanks for the link. :academic: I am asking because i often see in this thread a good pair of heels, but never can find such ones in the online shops. That's why i am so curious.
  11. Seeker

    walking on 6inch heels

    Where is possible to get such cool pumps?
  12. Seeker

    ? about this picture

    I see... Hm, i got the picture from other source, but on the Andrew's page the link to the source of this picture doesn't work.
  13. Hello, i am new to this forum, but i want to ask your opinions about this picture... Do you know from where did it come? And do you know where it is possible to get this 16 cm high heels with such thin heel? Sorry, if such topic is already been discussed.

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