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  1. Stealth4Now

    Kelsi Dagger

    ILK I have a pair of Kelsi Dagger - Lainey in grey snake. They are my favorites right now. I had tried on some different styles and always liked the way fit. I did have to get these online. Quality is very good. With regard to sizing, I typically wear a 10, but mine are a 9 1/2 and fit perfectly. Might want to take that into consideration. You won't be disappointed!
  2. Stealth4Now

    Wonderful Product I Found

    A stripper friend turned me on to vaseline intensive care lotion with a few drops of baby oil. Very smooth and silky result.
  3. Stealth4Now

    My Designer Collection

    Yikes! Those are hot!!
  4. I know this topic has been discussed in other threads, but rather than hijack one of those, here is my version. Had a day to run some errands and since it is about 100 degrees right now, shorts were really the only choice. I have some very low heeled wedges (like 1 1/2 inches) that I was going to wear. They mostly look like the dreaded flip flops and probably wouldn't attract much attention. Purple toenails on the other hand, tend to stand out. Any way, figured what the heck and traded up to a pair of 4 inch wedges by Mudd. I sat in a Kohls parking lot for a few minutes and almost left several times. Finally went in and as is the case most times no one noticed or said a word. Really didn't even see any strange looks. Spent about 20 minutes looking around and trying a few things on. Ended up leaving with a really short skirt that is too much fun to wear! Had some miscellaneous stuff to get so I decided to drive to a store in a part of town I typically don't shop in. Walked in and did get the attention of a couple of younger girls. They looked and I think followed me briefly. Also had a hill-billy give my feet and shoes quite a look as I walked by. In the end, pretty uneventful, although I felt incredibly exposed with no trouser leg to hide my heels.
  5. Stealth4Now

    Who has bought some new shoes

    These will be mine as soon as FedEx shows up. Had to buy online, couldn't find them in any of the local stores. Cant get the picture to show up... Newbies! Heres a link: www1.macys.com/shop/product/bebe-shoes-kamilia-platform-slingback-pumps?ID=645597&PartnerID=EMAIL2&BannerID=240
  6. Stealth4Now

    high heels/high heel boots in public?

    I find this a pretty interesting thread today. As many have said, I have had the racing heart and bailing out at the last second after arriving somewhere that I fully intended to visit in heels. I will share this trick that I have used a few times - don't take any other shoes with you. It was either go barefoot or go home. For whatever reason, being in public this week has been a big deal to me. I visited the dry cleaner with 4 inch strappy sandals. Went to a department store at one of the less frequented malls in town. Definitely got some looks. Had on a 5 inch sling back heels with an open toe. Actually went to shoe department and tried on a pair of heels. This was my first time in a "full service" environment. The clerk was no fun. She brought the heels OU se them on the counter and finally realized the they were for me. Didn't see her again... Had to travel today and knew I was passing a decent outlet mall - 9 West, Guess and Aldo all have stores there. Decided to wear some pretty high wedge sandals. Recently had my nail tech do black french tips on my toes. Went to all three stores - pretty obvious why i was at 9 West and Aldo. To my dismay, none of the sales people even mentioned it! The day I was looking for attention ( not much fear of seeing anyone I know) nobody seemed to care. That was pretty disappointing. Anyway. Keep looking for those opportunities to wear your heels. I am very much a novice and my g/f does not support and no one knows, but it does get easier. You may even find yourself looking for the right kind of attention and not getting it.
  7. Stealth4Now

    Went out in public wearing heels again.

    Been a while since I have worn heels out. Found a pair of wedge booties yesterday and bought them on a whim. Wore them all day today. Usually I prefer stilettos, but with these I blended much better and felt more confident than some past outings. Outside of the heels clicking, I doubt anyone noticed. Forgot how much I enjoyed heels in public!
  8. Stealth4Now

    Wearing heels to a pedicure/manicure

    Wore a pair of open toe sandals with a little bit of a wedge to get a pedicure. Left the shop with very shiny black french tips. Must say - I like the look.
  9. Stealth4Now


    Hello to all. I must say that this site has been quite eye opening for me. Not sure when I became so fond of high heels (and wearing them), but it is nice to know that there are so many others who share my thoughts. I am a completely straight male and wear heels (mostly in private) with male clothing. I think a pair of 5 inch black peep toes makes any suit look amazing, A few very discreet public appearances for me mostly with long boot cut jeans or pants. My preference is stiletto heels, but I do have some wedges that blend in pretty well.

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