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  1. jimmy21

    Wearing Heels In Public

    Hi to everyone on here I'm assuming like minded people are viewing this content, if not you wouldn't be on this forum so your comments on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Only last week, having concluded my business early that day, I went for a walk around one of the shopping centers in Dublin to pass some time. Well actually I just wanted to go shoe shopping, which is something I absolutely adore doing. Being a man, this might seem strange, but I just love shopping for ladies high heel platform shoes. The shop assistants are always more than helpful, approaching and asking if they could help. Maybe I looked "out of place" at the time. In one shop I found some fabulous platform ankle boots, black in a size 9, with a 2 inch platform and a 6 inch heel and asked the very attractive sales assistant for the other boot, which she duly delivered. The shop was very quiet at the time, which meant that the assistant had no other customers to attend to. Now the boots were a high quality brand and somewhat expensive even though they were discounted and on sale, which meant that there was no way that I was going to purchase them without trying them on first. I made my way to the nearest seating and proceeded to try on my new boots, which fitted like a glove. The lovely assistant at first appeared "gob-smacked" at what she was witnessing and I felt as though I was going to pass out with embarrassment. Now when I go "shopping" I always wear a pair of extra long boot cut Jeans which I can turn up with my normal shoes. I turned down my jeans and when I stood in my new heels the jeans just about reached the floor, leaving just the bottom of the heel visible. The heels were slightly chunkier than the standard stiletto and I found them more stable and much easier to walk in than my other stiletto heels. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the assistant approaching along with one of her older colleagues and I thought I was about to be thrown out of the store. I must have been bright red as I thought I was going to melt. The younger assistant asked if the shoes were suitable and would I wish to purchase them. I said yes that they were exactly what I was looking for. The middle aged lady picked up the shoe box and asked me would I like to leave on my new boots as she could put my old shoes in the box for me. I think I replied that I would love to but that the shop was in the middle of the shopping center and a long way from where I had parked. The younger girl asked how long had I been wearing heels as she could not believe how well I walked in them, particularly 6 inch heels as she was wearing a similar branded pair of 5 inch court shoes. I replied that i have probably been wearing heels for longer that she had but that wearing them out in public was a rare event, given society's attitude to anything different. The other lady, Angela then whispered that she got an unbelievable buss watching me in my high heels. She said tried to get her boyfriend to wear heels, but that he would only do so occasionally at home. She asked if she could accompany me through the shopping center to where I had parked. I was very reluctant but she said that I would be fulfilling a fantasy of hers if I did. The thoughts of fulfilling two fantasies at once was too much to resist, so off we went. It took a few moments for me to relax in my new elevated position but Angela was well named, she was an angel. We strolled around the shopping center for a couple of hours, popping in and out of shops along the way. In another shoe shop Angela insisted that I try on some other heels and took great enjoyment out of selecting the highest possible heels available. She actually purchased a pair of sky high 7 inch heels for herself. We were almost equal height as we eventually finished our walk and reached my car. I felt we were getting some curious looks along the way, but whether they were looking at Angela or I we'll never know.
  2. hi all I've only just discovered this forum and i'm mightily relieved to find that i am not alone in my fascination with heels. Over the last couple of years I've managed to purchase a number of pairs of 4-5 heeled ankle boots, plain and black in colour and always from TK Maxx. For a long time I would only wear them whilst driving, but recently I began leaving them on whilst i refueled and purchased items at filling stations. I must admit that i am now so used to heels that I am actually more confortable and walk better in heels than my wife. Not once have I had an adverse comment. Only last month whist traveling for work in Western Ireland, I purposely parked my vehicle in the car park at one end of the town, knowing that I needed to visit the ATM at the other end of town. It took me a while to build up the courage to actually get out of the car but one i did and took a few deep breaths I was fine. The walk through the busy streets gave me an unbelievable buzz. Now five inch heels are probably a challenge to most women never mind a man but I relaxed and took my time. I visited a newsagent, went and queued at the ATM, for what seemed like an eternity with a bunch of teenagers standing behind me, and went and had lunch in a local pub. I could sense a number of people "looking" at me, particularly the bar-tender but I managed to remain composed. As I finished my lunch a lovely young lady came and sat opposite me to have her lunch. I thought I was going to pass out at first but we had a normal conversation about everyday things, weather, food, high heels, etc. She said she was jealous of how comfortable I looked in mine although she had much better legs. She was heading to the same car park as me and we wallked all the way back through town. She even stopped and talked to some friends on the way. Now it's one thing going in public well away from home but I don't know how I would handle meeting an aquaintance or family friend whilst wearing my heels. Has anyone experience of that???

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