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  1. Hi Tracey I don't know if you will get this msg but fingers crossed. You probably don't remember me. As the last time we spoke was many years ago. Emailing back and forth. I haven't been back to this website in along long time now. Although, as fate should have it. I actually do need to use it now. Selling all my High Heels and Fetish wear. Hope all is well for you. Just thought i'd say hi. If you want to contact me again, my email is still the same: Purgatory233@hotmail.com I remember we were once going to meet. Never knew what happened to that as I waited and waited for you. Ancient history now I guess. Take care. xx

  2. Yep. I'm the same as you balacau. I prefer chunky heel boots too. Though stiletto boots do look great. I see what you mean by those boots being called "Pirate". They do have that look to them. As for chuncky heels popping up anywhere else. I can tell you that down under, here in Sydney. I don't see many pairs of them. Even last winter I didn't see all that many. I work at a place where everyone dresses nicely for the evening, so I can usually scope out whats in, around the town and whats not. I don't know bout the rest of Aust but this might just be an isolated case. It would be nice to see a small comeback for the Chuncky Heels though. ..Duo..
  3. Well, I don't consider myself to be a goth. Though I know that I can pass for looking like one sometimes. I might be just a tad bit though. =P Black is just my colour anyway, and I love it. Thanks. Yep. I really love those platforms too. They were like my first pair of platforms that I bought for myself in a very long time. Cost me $300 Aust. I was very surprised when I found that I could fit into a size 7 U.K women for them. Never thought of myself as having such small feet. The leather is really nice and they are very comfortable. Ive been in them for like 6, 7 hours one time. Dancing n walking round, they were fine. As for getting into them. They have a tounge that comes out almost the whole way. So all you do is slip your feet in, put the tounge down and do up the very top strap. Keeps it in place. After that, you just keep straping up the rest and tightening them as you go. Though let me tell you. They take ages to put on, hahaha. No Zips. Just Buckles and Straps. =P Looks great in the end. =) Lately, I must admit. I just want to have some nice pairs of heels now. Something still high, but with alil colour in it n yeah. I'll see how I go. Cheers ..Duo..
  4. Hi There Thanks for the nice comments. Also, Happy New Years to all. Hope this year will be a great one. I guess the reason I love platforms so much is cause im like a real shorty and I love that feel of being tall. It brings me upto height with some of my friends also, haha. "ilovepumps" - Yep, thats right. Those Fishnets are by "Leg Avenue". I really like them as they go well with my skin. Yeah, I really love my Heels now so thanks again. I used to have alot more ages ago, till I got caught that is. Was a sad day that was. Wow, 200 pairs ay Bernheels. I'd love to have that many. Not quite sure where I would put them all though. The next pair that im looking at getting are a pair of Stiletto's. Something High and with an Ankle Strap. =P Hopefully I'll be able to find what I'm looking for. When I get them I'll take some pics and put them up. =) Have a good one. ..Duo..
  5. Hey everyone. I got a new Digi Cam for Christmas and thought tonight, why not share my heels by putting up some pics. These probably ain't everyone's cuppa tea. Though they are my Heels and I love them. Any comments would be great. Hope you like them. My Boots. http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p190/Duo336/IMG_0110.jpg http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p190/Duo336/IMG_0111.jpg http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p190/Duo336/IMG_0121.jpg http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p190/Duo336/IMG_0153.jpg http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p190/Duo336/IMG_0154.jpg My Ankle Boots and New Heels. http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p190/Duo336/IMG_0186.jpg http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p190/Duo336/IMG_0233.jpg http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p190/Duo336/IMG_0239.jpg My collection is slowly growing, hehe. Take care. L8r All ..Duo..
  6. I agree with you Chris. Those black nylons give the courts with the bow a really nice look. Wouldn't mind something like that myself. As far as it being too feminine. I think, personally, looks Great. You pull it off very nicely. Sexy look. I'd prefer female shoes anyway. Wouldn't mind that Skirt either. Keep it up! Lookin Great.
  7. Wow Trolldeg Those shoe's are Hot!! Ive been looking for something exactly like that for a long time now. I want a pair. Would anyone happen to know a site where I can get a pair like that ?? Cheers
  8. I'm 19. Slowly getting there but having a great time.
  9. G'day All I dont have much time and im dead tired so i'll make this a quick one. Lately ive been reading and hearing about all these wonderful Heel meets round the world and such. So I thought to myself. Why not do one also. Thats right Aussie Heel Fans and all. Im planning an Aussie BBQ. I know im young n all but I love to do this kind of thing and im quite good at it now. Im looking at doing this round the begining of Feb 07 in Sydney someplace. Though for the moment a date hasn't been set yet. I'll get onto making one ASAP. I'll keep you updated. Also, if I get alot of ppl who want to come but are oversea's based. Then I'll push it back to round the middle of the year. As I dont want this to conflict too much with the "World Heel Meet 2007" in terms of costs and such. Let us know what you all think about this. Any advice would be great too, as this is the first Heel meet ive done. Sorry if this is a late call for some. I'd really love to get as many ppl as possible for this thing. As I know it could be a big hit for all us Heel lovers in Aust, as nothing like this happens much. So if you live in Aust or not and are interested in coming just for the BBQ or to Chat n make some new friends, drop us a line. Anything can happen when your Down Under. Don't forget your heels. ..Duo..
  10. Hey Tracey B Welcome aboard. Its great to see another Sydney based person who loves to wear heels so much. There ain't to many of us here in Syd. "Rare". So a warm welcome from me and the other's. Look forward to hearing about you and your heel stories. Love to chat sometime. Take care. ..Duo..
  11. Wow. That clip was pretty impressive. I must say that ive never heard of something like that before. I'd love to go and see one happen in person sometime. I know exactly what you mean by it being somewhat amazing DIHeels. I have a friend who can like run along side me when we are racing to get the bus. Sandals, Pump's, Stiletto's. You name it, she's like a master at it. The most amazing one that ive ever seen I have to say is when I was waiting for my train, and this lady wearing 4" Stilleto's came bolting down the stairs cause her train was about to pull out. I was stunned when I saw what she was wearing and even more so that she was taking two steps at a time. It was crazy but amazing. Something I wont forget. Here's the pic by the way. Found it only recently.
  12. Hey Yanami. Welcome back to the forum. Its always nice to have a familar face reappear. Though im new so its the first time of hearing bout you for me. Sounds like your having a fun time n all though. I think its great what your doing with yourself. I really do. Im a Freestylist also by the way. I have to say that I really like your style in fashion n shoes. Those pants that you posted look great. Not to mention all those other pics. You sounds like a great person. Look forward to reading more posts from you.
  13. Hey all. Well where should I begin. Last night (n this mornin) was Hellfire and I have got to say that... It was Awesome!! The best night ive had in ages. It was also the first night that I have ever worn heels in a public/ club area. So as you can imagine, since bein a first time n yeah. I was nervous. I rocked up just abit before 9:30pm. There wasn't many ppl there to begin with so I was really debating if I could do it or not. Though I thought to myself, you've come all this way, wait abit longer. So I did. Also, for those of you who dont know what Hellfire is. Here's the link. :: Welcome to Hellfire Sydney. You will be punished :: Anyway, I was just in my jeans n T shirt so that was makin me feel even more outta place. I was looking like a lost puppy. I had my gear in my bag so yeah, had to change once I got in. There's a strict dress code. You have to be Dressed up or you cant come in. They finally opened the doors n I was still kinda debating if I should go in or not. I finally pushed myself upto the door and the lady asked if I had a change of clothes. Told her I did so she let me go n change. When I went in there werent many ppl on the floor. Though when I got out. There were a fair few more... Still, that was like about 20 mins after being in the toilet. I was so nervous. Going from doing nothing like this to jumping head first into the fire was something so new for me. It was alil scary but also exciting. What I had on were my fishnet stockings, my new black leather mini skirt, black bra n top and last of all my new knee high boots. =) But I have to say, once I came out, everything seemed so comfortable. Also... The Biggest High Light of my night were my boots. I must have had more than 18 people come over to me and say to me that my boots looked fantastic! I lost count after around there, haha, though it was such a nice feeling. I caught so many ppl checking me and my boots out during the night. I loved it! =) My shoe's were really comfortable also. Considering I was like on the dance floor for like about 4 hours all up. Too add there were some really nice shoe's there also. Stilettos, Pumps, Ankle Straps, Sandals ect. There were heaps. The place was packed. I made some great friends and the shows that they had on there were Awesome. Some great outfits to add. So going back there next time. It was also funny, but some of the ppl who went actually live right around my area. I like see them on the bus all the time, haha Though I think the funniest thing that happened while I was there was when one of the girls who I had just met, started dancing with me. She jumped in behind me and placed her hands on my hips and started working her way up. She got too my ribs and then she put both her hands on my chest. She jerked back abit, alil stunned. I turned round and asked her what was the matter. She then informed me that she thought my bra was an actual set of brests, hahaha I couldn't help but laugh. =P Though I can't blame her, cause they did feel quite soft. That was pretty much my night/ morning, haha. So if anyone is interested, check out the website. Then if your game, Come! (Sorry but this will only apply to those who live in the Sydney area) You will have a great night and you will get to show off your stuff. =) Everyone is so open minded and after you have been there for like 10 mins or you've talked to a couple of ppl, you'll feel like you have been coming for ages. Hope you liked my story and maybe i'll see you there next time. Tc. L8r all. ..Duo..
  14. Name: Duo Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: Australia Occupation: Retail Height: 5 ft 2. A shorty =P Weight: about 70kg Shoe size: Uk 7 n 8. Aus bout a 8 or 9 What's your favourite heel style: Stilettos What's your favourite shoe style: Boots and anything with an Ankle Strap! Do you wear your heels outside: No, not yet (Been out once though) What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 4" (Dont mind higher though) ( Your highest heel height: 4.5" How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: Whenever I can. ( Your highest heel height: Whenever they are close by =) Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: hose and bare feet Anything else you wish to add: Since 11, ive pretty much grown up with heels. Tried plenty of different types. Now I crossdress. Love the feel of skirts, leather corsets n skimpy dresses. Freestyling all the way and loving it!
  15. Hey Chris Thanks, its nice to be here. Though don't get me started on my boots, haha. Just fell in love with them. Yeah, I'd say I love platform boots the most. Probably cause I'm a real shorty, hehe. Like 5ft 2,3 somethin. Though the one that you have as your avatar is nice. I really like the look of the lacing that it has. Hey, jw but do you or anyone else know if there are many aussie members who are with this forum ? Like from Sydney ? I'd love to chat to them n maybe even meet up sometime. Cheers
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