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  1. Found this article in yesterdays paper, sound like a great idea to me! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1100551/Wear-high-heels-embrace-feminity-Legal-firms-advice-female-lawyers.html
  2. I also hate it when labels are left on the bottom of shoes, but probably my biggest pet hate is anything other than cigarettes in the ashtray. Thats right I'm a smoker!
  3. demoniaplatforms was voted runner up in Bognor Regis 800m dash for people with loose or missing feet and in 1533 was on the front page 6 of a monthly magazine entitled heel wearers weekly, which can be seen using the Sony Ericsson motorized revolving clam which magnifys the article highlighting the most salient points !!!
  4. It appears that astronmy sucks worse than my spelling thanks yozz!
  5. I'm very much into astronomy and I can't say that I noticed the big dipper (URSA Major) get any bigger or smaller. Somtimes on it's side or upside down but I've never noticed much difference in the size but hey I'm not the most observant of people. Side note if you look at Orion then the star top left of the constellation is called beetleguese and it has an orange glow. This is because it is one of the most massive stars that we have found, a red giant, and it is expected to go supernova in the not too distant future (in the scheme of things). Also if you look at the star in the middle of of
  6. I've taken stiletto heels abroad a few times. Once in Manchester I even got stopped by customs (had a little too much tobacco) and they went through my baggage with the heels and all in and they decided to let me go as I wasn't taking the proverbial with the tobacco. Not a mention of anything to do with the heels! So I would say that it's safe to assume that airport security have bigger fish to fry!
  7. yeah I have noticed myself doing this, exactly how your describe. I also notice myself at work, we have to go outside to smoke and I normally stand in the same place i.e. on the edge of the kerb with heel of my foot on the kerb and the ball of my foot about 4-5 inches below. Anyone else have any bizarre heel related habit?
  8. forgot to say that they operate a dress code so that was the reason for so many heels!!
  9. Also I can recomend going to a horse race meeting, i went to Haydock recently and spent more time oogling heels than watching the races!
  10. A few years ago I went out omn the motorbike (bandit 600) wearing 4 inch heels and I got pulled over by the cops!! They were just doing random checks as there had been a lot of bike theifs at the time. As soon as my credentials checked out I was on my way but with a very red face. I've never done it since!
  11. I'm playing Tiger Woods golf on the PS3 at the moment. I never really play games on the PC. Gaming is much comfier(is that a word?) on the settee in front of the telly in 4 inch stilettos!
  12. i love punk and metal and recently aquired a bright red mohawk! That should keep the eyes off my heels anyways!
  13. Your level of discomfort would certainly be minimized if you play only 9 holes. In addition to being half the walking distance, it takes a lot less time - about 3 hours. 3 hours?? What you playing with a broom handle?? Sorry no offence meant, I play 18 holes in that time but then again my game isn't that great!
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