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  1. hi guys anyone know where i can get a pair of these in a uk 10/11 ??? or something
  2. okay thanks for the advice, did you have these heels im asking about or was it others ? x
  3. Hi any of you guys wearing these http://www.pleaserusa.com/ProductDetail.asp?div=1_PLEASER&dpt=12_MID_S&ctg=4H_MILAN&STYLE_CD=MILAN-07&PROD_CD=MIL07%2FB%2FLE ? Just wanted to know how the feel and fit Thanks Alex x
  4. Thanks guys Alternative and Banana didnt really have what i was looking for im after some pointy toe heels or open toe sleek and sexy looking i have a few pairs of pleasers and it seems there both based around them or that is all they have in my size
  5. Hi just wondering where i can find heels in a size 12uk in the uk ? Thanks for any info in advance, Im new to this site i think its great x Thanks again Alex
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