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  1. Do they fit to size?? For example I'm a men's 13 woman's 15-16....
  2. JL

    So Busted

    She's still coming at me with a few questions, but everything still gets back to the support of fantasy play with her.... As for pre-dating my daughter -- we've been married for 18 years.
  3. JL

    So Busted

    Last week I was traveling out of the country for business (6 hours ahead of my normal timezone). On Friday morning at about 4:30AM, I received a text message from my wife -- telling me to call her to explain the high heeled boots in the accompanying photo. I just sat there... my stomach instantly churning to near projectile vomiting - or worse. She somehow found a hiding place I'd been using for about 10 years, give or take. Well, what choice did I have?? I called her. Now the sweating ensued. It ended up that she wanted to surprise me by cleaning out a room that's been the bane of our existence for a couple of years. When she moved a box, a wire was caught on it and when pulled, it caused one of the boots to fall out. I explained to her that I had purchased them about 8 years ago, only to "see what it was like out of curiosity". She hysterically went into the fact that I lied to her by not telling her about this. She asked if I was gay. If there were other people/person(s), if I had been unfaithful. I told her the God's honest truth -- no to each and every question. This went on for about an hour. I told her that I needed to shower so I could leave for the airport. By the time I got home, I'd been awake for close to 24 hours. She was expectedly cold towards me. My 5 year old daughter was happy to see me - hugs and kisses... while my wife was still cold. We went to bed and she said nothing -- I almost immediately fell asleep. In the morning, we talked. She asked the same questions as the morning before. I answered the same - with tears in my eyes. She asked me why I didn't say anything to her. I responded that I was embarrassed and didn't expect her to understand. Both truths. Her response floored me: she said that she's up for this. She wouldn't mind 'dress up games' and 'fantasy' type things. She laid down some ground rules which I instantly agreed to -- no video, no other people, etc... I told her that I would throw the boots out. That was the end of the conversation. She was no longer cold. Bring us to today.... We were sitting in the living room. She said she had one more question -- and asked the same ones from before. I again answered the same truthful way. She then said something that floored me again -- "you don't have to throw them out". I'm not sure where this is going, but it might actually work out for me. Now here's the craziest thing -- about 6 weeks ago or so, I had a dream that she found my other 'stash' and confronted me about it. The outcome was the same though -- she wanted to play. If only playing the lottery was this predictable. If anything new happens, I'll post an update.
  4. Thanks everyone... ILK -- I like your process of thinking... Never really thought of it from that perspective.... Once I finish a MASSIVE project at work (hopefully this weekend), I think I'll bring it up to her. Of course I need to get myself up to speed on the news story... It's terrible what he did to her (assuming guilt before innocence). I'll let y'all know what happens.
  5. I just found out that one of the health clubs in the area is sponsoring a "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event in October... Here's my issue: my wife still doesn't know about my heel wearing. Here's the question: How can I get my wife to want to do this and her WANT me to do it i heels without making it look like I want to??? The way I see it is that once she actually sees me in heels, that she'll accept it and encourage me to wear them at home (in a private personal setting of course)..... I really need some advice from those that have tried to 'come out' in this type of way under this type of pretense.... please???
  6. From?? Size?? Height?? Nice.....
  7. So for years I've read how comfy woman's jeans are... So, today I finally took the jump and bought a pair. I've got to say -- they really ARE more comfortable... MUCH more at that. The cut is much more fitted though not tight. Couple the jeans with a pair of No-Nonsense control-top pantyhose and my Teeze-06W black stilettos.... Wow. Now if only I had the guts to go out wearing the jeans, hose, and heels. Oh bother.
  8. How about Tor??? https://www.torproject.org/
  9. I'm not signed up for that page and I see it just fine..... You do, however need to have a Facebook account though.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/ShoeBoxPorn
  11. Sorry for the delayed response... Unfortunately I don't (yet) have any pics... What I can tell you is that they are really true to size -- so if a 12 was a bit tight, get the 12W -- they'll be perfect. They're damn comfortable - with factory padded insoles... The only improvement I could see being needed is rather than the insole being padded vinyl, they should be lined with padded satin. Because of the angle of insertion, the satin would help the feet glide right in. Go for it!!!
  12. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a pair of the 'new' Teeze-06W the other day. The W stands for Wide-Width. From reading everything on HHP and the Internet in general about the Teeze-06 shoes, I expected them to be a bit small - as much of what I've read said that these shoes run a size small. They're available up to a size 15 - all in Wide Width!! I ordered black patent. Today, they showed up. Here I am, expecting to be disappointed. BUT... I wasn't!!! Out of the box they came, and right onto my feet!! As if they were custom-made at that. Incredibly comfortable, and VERY easy to walk in. All of the websites (including Pleaser's) stated that the heel was 5.75" with a 1.75" hidden platform. Well, when you wear tugboat shoes as I do, ratios and proportions vary -- the heel is 6.25"!!! I bought them via eBay from Beston Shoes -- $72 plus shipping. Here's the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BORDELLO-TEEZE-06W-5-3-4-Heel-1-3-4-Hidden-PF-Pump-/370887728890
  13. JL

    I Do Windows....

    It took me 3 years to do my own.... I'll put you on my schedule!!
  14. JL

    I Do Windows....

    The shoes weren't in for a full cycle -- only 4-5 minutes. They did get VERY pliable -- in order to protect the back of the shoe from crushing, I needed to use a shoehorn to keep the shape. Once my feet were in the toasty shoes, they stretched perfectly AND kept their size for the duration. Unfortunately I have some people coming over shortly, so I won't be able to see if they've shrunk overnight. My thought is that they kept their new size. And the windows -- I only had to go outside once -- the rest folded in for cleaning!! I tried the ice thing before as well... I was able to get a little expansion, but honestly nothing anywhere near what the dryer did... Think of it as using a really big hair dryer to cover the entire shoe all at once!! lol
  15. Yes, computer Windows too, but today -- the glass ones on my house... This morning I decided that since I'm on a week's vacation from work, I should do more than just sit around on the couch relaxing. So I tried to think of something to do that I could conquer two difficult tasks at the same time. KONK!!!! It hit me -- cleaning the windows (haven't done them in a few years to be totally honest). Now for the second part -- cleaning the windows while wearing 5 1/2" stilettos (they're supposed to be 5" but mine are just shy of 5 1/2)!! Here's the catch -- these shoes are brand new (just received them last week) and hadn't worn them yet http://www.payless.c...splayName=Women). So I put on my hose and then TRY to get the shoes on. Uh-oh: too small. And I mean VERY small. So I try something -- I put the sweater shelf in my dryer and then put the shoes on the shelf. Run the dryer for 5 minutes on medium heat. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier (with another pair of heels) -- I took them out and they were VERY pliable - to the point that I was able to stretch them a bit with my hands. Then out came the shoehorn and BAM!!! The shoe, though very warm, fit!! I was able to flex my foot a bit to make even more room. I did the same with the other shoe and, well, I'm now wearing my brand new shoes. Sorry -- a little off topic... I start with the windows, then get to the sliding patio door. The inside - no problem. The outside on the other hand is very visible from the street. Why not - out I go. Several cars passed while I was out there along with some people walking. I guess the jeans I was still wearing were a help in maintaining some privacy (secrecy). 28 spotlessly clean windows later (3 hours or so) and my feet are toast. I honestly couldn't feel my toes. So what's a guy to do?? I took off the stilettos and put on my 5 1/4" Brash Lunar Platform Wedges!! Much more comfortable. OK -- now that the housework is done, I get to, while wearing my wedges, go around the house and 'fill in' the holes in the carpet my heels made so my wife doesn't come home to dozens of shoe prints on the carpets. Three more days of time off -- which means 3 more days to work on wearing the stilettos again!!! Happy Heeling!!!!
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