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  1. Thx ,,Thightbootguy for the moment i dare no yet in the public,witch comes mabye even.I'm working on it..Sorry for my bad english
  2. Hi,here my latest outdoor pics,,, in red and in black....
  3. Thanks TBG my english is not good sorry,, the black t hights i have buy in France costs 12€ and the grey in Germany for 20€ ..This is not Leather ,but i loved to wear them .
  4. Hi, here my newest.. ..... and this on grey..
  5. i Hi crotchhiguy,my modell is the thin polyuretane but you can order the thicker modele in faux leather by the same producer look here
  6. Hi Puffer yes that is the producer look pantboots or in german Stiefelhose, When u buy the Boots the producer sent u a mail with questions lenght for the pant shosize etc i have shoesize 43 eur (12us) and the pantlenght for me in 110cm heelheight is 14cm..look fashion-style.com
  7. Hi Jimnj3,,Size is 43 (12us) buy on E-b..y .de , this boots coming from Poland search on E-b... Stiefelhose+ your Size..
  8. Hi,,, i love it to walk in snow...
  9. Hi,,,here my new pant...boots. from E-b...
  10. Hello, crotchhiboots this mod have 19cm heel and i have buy this on ebay . de shop schubert 59€ and the same crotch high boots with 14cm heel you have on howcool.de
  11. Hello and thanks for you positive reac:: these ankle boots are from Howcool .de the modell is erogance:
  12. Here my mega heel Boots...
  13. Hello ..buy on E-bay erogance black sz11 The grey boots in a second hand shop ..
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