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  1. Tech, Thanks for the help! Now back to daydreaming of boots.....
  2. Okay, slightly off topic: how does the forum and sub forum work. The only way I can find this thread is to go into my profile and see what topics I started. Where do I find the "forum for dummies" thread? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the tip TBG. unfortunately, they stop at 14 and I need 15.
  4. Thanks for the tip TBG. unfortunately, they stop at 14 and I need 15.
  5. Last time I was in heels was the fall of 2011 in 4 & 1/2 plastic Pleasers sandals. plastic sole, plastic heel, clear plastic across ball of foot. In the seven years before that I had a couple pairs of Pleasers pumps --plastic soles and carboard uppers. Now I'm thinking of taking that next step and getting a pair of real heels. Leather sole, suede uppers, reasonable heel. I found these Nancy Jayjii mid-thigh boots. Anyone have experience with these boots or company? Nancy Jayjii boots
  6. whynotheels


    I think we should use body rather than sex to determine what is acceptable. If you have the body to look good in it, go fo it. I actaully, catch myself during the day asking myself "would I like to see that in stillettos?" It's a rather fun little diversion.
  7. Nice looking picture. Won't she run her hose kneeing like that? My real question is: won't she cave in the toe of her shoe kneeling like that? I can never figure out how to kneel in heels. I know. Just look at the pretty heels and don't ask stupid questions. But I real want to know.
  8. Just goes to show that in years (centuries) gone by, that men used to wear heels. Do you think if white wigs and capes make a come back, heels will follow???? That would be great. Who said anything about heels? You need to look at the Burger King's pictures.
  9. Hi all, Thanks for all the replies. I'd have to vote no as well. It was a point of curiousity. I do like jhs's idea of stillettos being orthopedic shoes --then you could deduct them as medical equipment on you taxes! On a side note, good luck with the toe issue. Would you be able to safe it if you wore boring flats?
  10. Tech: the really gross part is that women really were having foot surgery to fit into the shoes that they saw on the TV show "Sex and the City" a few years back. This question is just a point of curiousity.
  11. If you had the opportunity to have your tendons shortened, would you?
  12. Plain black business attire pumps. I don't want anything flashy, just something well built. Real leather, a little padding, good fit. Evidentaully, if you have big feet, you must be a stripper and like PVC boots with flames.
  13. Just wondering if you gave up the boring man shoes?
  14. Shrimper: no thanks. I love hose way to much to skip them. If I was doing flats, I'd just go with running shoes. No reason, just the way I am. Now ballet heels... that would be COOL. Perhaps I should suggest it to me wife --ha ha.
  15. WAY TO GO!!!! Telling your folks shows that you value them and feel like you can tell them anything. Parents like that stuff.
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