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  1. Just got these yesterday. Really like the toe cleavage on the tie-up booties, LOVE the large ankle strap on the sandals. From Heels.com. Booties are US 10, sandals are US 9.5
  2. They actually came from Shoe Dazzle. I had missed a pair of high heeled thongs last year and swore I would buy the next pair I found!! They were $30. I didn't even think of the pedi - it's so normal now - but thanks. They were BRIGHT red last time, kind of scarlet this time. I go every three weeks, so we'll see what happens next. I'm kind of leaning toward Punki Pink or a bright orange (attached).
  3. Just received these last week, but today was the first chance to wear them. 6" heel, 2 1/4" platform. Pretty comfortable even though they are a half size too big (I normally wear a US 9.5 in a women sized sandal). The thong does not intrude at all (look closely). Been in them for about 5.5 hours so far and no issues.
  4. Thanks for the comments. Details are: Steve Madden DEJAVU 6 inch heel, 2 inch platform, leather, Womens US Size 10 http://www.stevemadd....aspx?gid=17659
  5. My latest (for now - new ones coming tomorrow). Steve Madden - Leather - maybe the most comfortable pair of heels I own.
  6. Just got these - had my eye on them for a while....... WAY more comfortable than I thought they would be - but they look great!
  7. Those are some real nice looking Mary Janes in the "Driving in Heels" forum. How high are your Mary Jane heels exactly? Also, when a pair of high heels "run a half size small", does that mean if the box indicates "Size 9" they are really more like a size 8.5? Thank you

  8. #1 - This was my clue - see attached. #2 - It did not tell me that, but the sent message is gone........ #3 - I only wish to follow the rules and was curious which one(s) I had broken? I have yet to find an answer, so how will I know not to "offend" again? I DO understand your dilemma, ungrateful customers and the like. I was not meaning any offense, but if you try and see my side of it maybe you can understand MY frustration as well.
  9. Thanks Shafted, I had actually read all of that when I asked. Tech is actually the admin who deleted the photo with no explanation and refuses to respond to a personal message to ask what rule I broke. I have read EVERY rule I can find and it just seems like the catch-all is "I will delete whatever I don't like". Kind of hard to follow that rule......... To stay on thread, I have purchased some new boots for work and will have driving pictures of them shortly.
  10. I apologize for the delay in responding, I have been in a snit over the admin removing a photo and not bothering to tell me why - even after repeated attempts to find out..... Makes you not want to play anymore. The Mary Janes in question (I like them too) are "Flavell" by Aldo. I got them at Nordstroms, they run about a half size small (I don't care) and they are VERY comfortable and easy to walk in. I have to keep looking at them to make sure they have as high a heel as I remember. One of my better purchases. A couple more photos if you care......
  11. superbe shoes !!

  12. I bought a pair of 3" boots for my first outing as they are easy to walk in on any surface (one of the comments here) and they went with my outfit. I went to a restaurant for dinner and we were both wearing the same boots (OK - the same type of boots, she had her pair and I had mine ). I parked a fair way across the parking lot and we walked in together. We stood at the hostess stand for a minute with people milling about, we were seated and proceeded to enjoy a wonderful dinner. I found myself sitting with one heel up on the leg of the table (after a while) HOPING someone would notice! Not one word, and only a couple of servers noticed but said nothing. Arriving back at the hotel, I needed a blanket (none were in the room) for my partner and walked up to the front desk with people all around, got the blanket, and went back to the room. Again, not a look - not a sound. The WONDERFUL encouragement I received from this board gave me the courage to try it - and it was FANTASTIC! I feel SO much more confident and can not wait to do it again. The point of all of this is - GO FOR IT! It's a great experience and you will enjoy it. We ALL here support you and can only offer you encouragement. Let us know how it goes. Remember, if there are no pictures, then it didn't happen.....
  13. I have been looking for some high heel thongs. Which kind did you get - and where? Remember, if there is no picture, it didn't happen
  14. Aldo, 6" Heel, 1 3/4" platform. Bought at Nordstrom's. I like them a lot, but since they are suede, I can only wear them through the winter....... I have been getting an education on suede, patent, etc. where it corresponds to seasons. Maybe I'll get it pretty soon - or more likely - I won't care and wear them when I want!!! Glad you liked them.
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