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  1. Hi all! It's been a while now and I just want to hope you all had a nice christmas, and wish you a happy new year! ('-'* I'll post a few pics I took lately with my webbie. >.> (I really like how my legs look in the last picture. >.>)
  2. Thanks.^^ I'll try to be more active, but can't promise anything. xD I'm glad to hear you like my style, I try to not overdo it. :3
  3. Yeah, I really liked those pants and pumps aswell. And thank you! I noticed they were very laid back and open-minded, that's for sure. But I suppose it's in the nature for that kind of company. Since they can take any given idea, and use it.^^
  4. Well well. :] It's been many moons since I last posted these forums. But I haven't really had an opportunity to do so, really. Many of you have maybe forgotten me, but that's not something I'm concerned about. xD I guess I could write some information about what's been going on in my life since last post. I've started at school again, this time it's over to marketing, sales and business related course. I wasn't exactly planning to do this, but I grabbed an opportunity to learn some more. I didn't have high expectations about this, but it has actually surprised me alot! I find it very interesting and educational, and in addition it's alot about meeting other people. I'm getting good grades and I feel I really have a grip onto this stuff, even considered maybe taking this further in the future. Anyways. This week I've been out working. This is related with school, you could call it a one-week practice. Where I'm working is a company which takes care of various tasks. For example commercials, websites, making booklets and alot more! I didn't have any high hopes that they'd let me do interesting things, but I was wrong again. It turns out that they liked my work and ideas, so I might have a job when I'm finished in school.^^ Well.. I guess that's summarizes alil' bit. I don't want you to get bored while reading, so I'll stop here with that. >_> And yeah, I'll soon turn 20 winters old, but I feel like I'm 16. (and I look like I'm 16) So, then I'll probably gonna buy some more clothes. I'm absolutely sure that I'll order a pair of these pants, and maybe these shoes. Tell me what you think! Jeans Shoes
  5. I'll post some pictures as soon as there's new ones taken. It's just that I'm not the biggest exhibitionist out there.
  6. Thank you all for the replies! A heartwarming welcome!~ It's been a quite a while since I last posted here, and I'm sorry. So, alittle update might be in place.^^ All the exams went well. (phew) Right now I'm enjoying my summer vacation, which I feel I needed.^^ Haven't really gotten any new pictures and don't know if I'll take some in the nearest future, my apologies. m(_ _)m Anyways, over to the questions. I am, from what I know 100% South-Korean. I'm adopted you see. But I do love Japan. Fuku sui bon ni kaerazu - Don't cry over spilled milk. ^^
  7. Thank you thank you!^^ Had my first exam today, two more writing exams left, then maybe 2oral exams. I hate this, but I gotta do it. xD
  8. ow well, haven't gotten any pictures yet. Been kind of busy lately. I have exams coming up very very soon so I gotta focus on that before anything else. I'll try to fix something very soon!
  9. Sorry, don't have any full length pictures yet. But I might fix some in the near future, time will tell.^^
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I guess I can start with writing some stuff about me.^^ Here goes.. I'm a 19 year old transvestite/crossdresser. Not sure which I fit the most into. But anyways. This is something I found out I enjoyed when I was a mere kid, 8years old or so. Then it was all exciting, still is, but back then I was afraid of getting caught. I think everyone has had those feelings at some point. Today I'm mostly open about it with my friends (those I trust that is) and my most of my family. I told my family about 6months ago, since I couldn't bear to keep it a secret anymore. I've had big depressions because of it. But that's another story. My family supports me, and so do my friends. I'm really happy that I told them. Anyways, I mostly enjoy wearing anything. All from underwear to dresses. I don't like to look all glam and all that, I like it more plain, casual, but at the same time stylish. I guess I got a pretty strict taste when it comes to skirts, dresses and shoes. I don't have much clothes and shoes yet. Since I don't have any job yet, I don't have the oppurtunity to buy all I want to. But my wardrobe is increasing bit by bit. I don't have much pictures to share, but I'll add some.
  11. Hi all! Just wanted to drop a line and say hi.^^ 19year old CD/TV (something inbetween I guess) here. Hope I'll mend into the crowd and participate in the discussion. :3 Here's a picture of me. ^__^ Well.. please treat me nicely, I might be fragile.
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