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  1. You have amazing pictures, especially the ones in the blue dress, I would love to see some more pictures of that dress and maybe some sexy tall blue pumps if you would be willing to do it. You look very sexy!

  2. Who's been caught looking at another womans heels

    I have been caught looking more then once and usually its not a big deal. My girl is 5-10 and as such she doesnt like to wear really tall heels out in public. But she doesnt mind to much if i look at other girls who do, as long as I make it up to her later on. She is understanding of my fetish and does the best she can to support me in it. I think something you are facing is that she thinks your more in love with the shoes then her and she doesnt feel sexy enough to wear them.
  3. The MAN look, with heels

    My vote is for no facial hair. To me high heels are something to wear when your cleaned up and to me that means clean shaven. A women wouldnt wear a skirt and heels without shaving her legs, so I dont think wearing heels without shaving makes much sense. That being said I dont think I could wear heels out in public period. Although at the end of the day all that really matters is what your comfortable with.
  4. Yea im new here but so far everything looks pretty cool. Just learning how to do stuff on the site yet.
  5. Replies For Lucy's Stories

    wow great set of stories
  6. My Collection

    Very nice collection you have going.
  7. Three Little Words

    Very nice heels
  8. Hello everyone I'm Jon. Im just your average everyday 22 year old college student who happens to love high heels. I dont wear them myself, but i love to admire women who wear them and really enjoy it when they are worn in the bedroom. Im glad I found this site and am looking forward to getting to know everyone.