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  1. Hi all, I have been looking at ballet heels for a while now and prefer the look of ballets with a chunkier heel. Unfortunately Little Shoe Box has gone poof and Punitive seems to be too inconsistent quality-wise to invest the kind of money they want (and apparently also have lousy customer service). So... I recently stumbled across Estresmodes.com and lo and behold, they too have ballet heels with a chunkier heel listed (link). Can anyone here make any comments on the quality of these? Thanks in advance, Asenath
  2. Shoe identification help

    Hi Benno, Sorry, I saw them (3 pairs left in my size, yikes!), just wanted to spare anyone else looking at the thread wading through all the sandals . The other ones are kinda cool to but what I like about these is that . apart from the heel size - they still look like normal, sturdy shoes without being all pointy... do I make any sense? Regards, Asenath
  3. Shoe identification help

    Wow guys, you're incredible! Thanks so much everyone. Unfortunately I happen to be a size 36 so I'll have to figure out now whether I want to spend THAT much money on a pair of shoes. I assume you mean these sandals: http://www.fuss-schuhe.de/high-heels-shop.html?http://www.fuss-schuhe.de/hhfc/sa-7130A-black.htm
  4. Shoe identification help

    I stumbled across this picture here but cannot for the life of me find out which brand they are. Normally I have very good google fu, but this time it failed me. Can anyone here help me out? Thanks and regards, Asenath
  5. Hi there, Just joined as you can tell, somewhere close to 30, happy female by default though occasional tomboy and resident in Northern Ireland. I have been "into" heels for as long as I can remember, my mother used to wear them almost all the time when I was still a kid - and today one of her pairs (from back in the 80s) is now with me. Since she developed issues with her feet due to consistently wearing heels I am very careful and avoid wearing them all the time, but it's difficult. Usually, I tend to go more by overall looks than heel height - I prefer sloped heels and round toes for a vintage-y look - but have become more and more interested in really high heels. I could possibly pull them off, being only 5'4" and bizarrely am less accident-prone in heels than in flats. I have also had a dormant interest in ballets, just unable to justify that kind of expense for shoes I am not likely to be able to walk on. Other than that I have a major corset and vintage fashion kink and consider myself an all-round geek. Regards, Asenath