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  1. I love Miguel Jones boots . I have 3 pair of boots two and one pair of shoes. How do the fit?
  2. My spike heel boots.wearing them inside.
  3. I love them too. Haven't seen them in the stores yet. I would love to own a pair although they are a bit expensive. I own a pair of johnny boots so would be time to buy a second pair of Ysl boots. Thanks for sharing the photo Rob!
  4. Very cool, i am looking forward to see these boots in real at the shops!
  5. I think it's rather unfriendly whathappens now that Some topics are locked. You Cannot even reply on anything . You are forced to go to the general subfolder and post in another thread allthough i understand that this forum is meant for discussions. I understand the reason but it is not nice. Thanks!
  6. Shafted, perhaps it sounds stupid but i have no idea what you mean, i don't see a new boots thread. Please explain what you mean.
  7. Thanks all, yes Tomham the mules are from miguel Jones too,. They fit very well and feel so nice when walking in them. I love these!
  8. Hi Tim. The boots are from topshop. I wear size 42 sometimes 43 or 41 and you?
  9. My new arrived high heeled cowboyboots from Mexico with 4 inch heels. I have ordered them at the beginning of october and they finally arrived last week. Took time to produce and took time at both bounderies. Well finally! Another picture
  10. Thanks all! Nice kokmeng . Do you own them?
  11. Thanks Tomham and Sleekheels. Haha, no I won't sit like that in the train.
  12. I have bought Some stilletto ankle boots some time ago at the topshop site. Comfortable to wear and rather easy to walk on. I did not wear them outside yet ,just inside the house . It would be Nice to wear them for a night when going out .
  13. Some time ago bought these anklebooties at the site of topshop. They are rather comfortable and easy to walk on. They look well with combination of tight jeans i think.
  14. Hi maurice, how are you? Question, do you wear heels on the street too or just at home? I wore some heels in the past at the street but more men's shoes with heels but now I have become a bit more afraid to do this also because there is more violency on the street these days here in the netherlands. What about you?

  15. Hi you photos are great. I love them. Very stylish. My compliments to you.

  16. Hi! If it is still possible could you adjust me to the list as well?that would be great!
  17. Here is an article from a fashion blog site about men wearing high heels with photoshoot in "Flare magazine" at: http://highheelspassion.blogspot.com/2008/01/men-wearing-high-heels-photoshots-in.html see also: http://highheelspassion.blogspot.com/2008/01/androgyny-man-wearing-heels.html
  18. I bought my ticket last week. so I will be there too! See you there! Ramon020
  19. Hi, Unfortunately I wasn't there because of several reasons. Hope to meet you guys again at the next heelmeet. Nice to read the stories and see the photos.
  20. thanks for the nice pictures! LOve the look too! greetz Ramon020
  21. Heel D thanks very much!. Well my camera has flash but I forgot to use it and sometimes it isn't working. I will make another picture next time at daylight. By the way did we see this picture allready passing by?Don't know if it is the right thread by the way.
  22. Last saturday Europe could watch the final of the eurovision songcontest 2007 and watch the french leadsinger of Les Fatals Picards dressed by jean paul gaultier. The leadsinger was wearing some very nice black boots with high heels, combined with pink shirt,scarf and jeans and a black jacket as you can see at the pictures. http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i297/ramon020/franceeurovision004.jpg http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i297/ramon020/franceeurovision009.jpg http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i297/ramon020/franceeurovision004.jpg http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i297/r
  23. Some more pictures for the ones who like the boots. I think they look sexy but elegant too.
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