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  1. Hi Goonerbob, and welcome to the forum! Where in Canada are you? I'm in Winnipeg.

  2. A man tries on a suit that he hadn't worn in 25 years and in the pocket of the suit coat was a claim slip for a pair of shoes that he had taken to a shoe repair shop 25 years ago. The man wonders if the shoe shop still has his shoes so he goes to the shop with his 25 year old slip and presents the slip to the shoe repairman. In a very irritated voice the repair man says,"Do you expect me to keep a pair of shoes for 25 years?! "It wouldn't hurt you to look," the other man said. In a fit of rage, the shop keeper went to his back room to look for the shoes and in a little while, he yelled back to the man out front, "are they a pair of black court shoes. 4 inch heel?" "Yes that's them," the other man answered. Then the shop keeper said,"They'll be ready Thursday.
  3. I bought a previously enjoyed copy at Blockbuster after the DVD release. I'll bet I was in the first 100 to see it when it played in Toronto:smile:
  4. I guess I'm like most, started with mom's and then went on to my buying my own. Now have around 20 pairs (even purged once or twice) and wear in the house and (with lower heels) out and about. I look forward to reading and learning from all my High Heel shod friends from around the globe
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